Painful M C Need Help Please Be Honest And Smart

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meme - August 1

I have had a lot of pain, it feels the same as labor pains, it is really bad in the mornings after I take my pain pills and stay on them Im ok, the pain goes away and I feel fine with a little pain in my side or back every once in a while, I started bleeding on weds with hardly any pain until friday night, after friday every morning that I wake it is very intense pain, I have passed a few tissues-clots, but just when I think this thing is over I wake up the next day with labor pains all over again. Has anyone else had this happen to them? how long does a m-c last? Also the only thing that keeps me from ripping the walls down in my pain rx hydrocodone 7.5/500 he gave my 30 of them friday and Im only have 8 left I took 2 every four hours like I was told for pain, Im kinda worried that I will run out and get these labor pains, I called to get a refill but the kinda gave me a hard time. I wish these man doctors could have one just ONE of these labor pains, anyway he said he would call it in but so far he hasnt what would you recomend me doing?


Julie - August 1

I had a m/c back in Nov. and I had no cramping just bleeding and my doctor performed a DNC and it was painful for the first 2 days and I was also on painkillers. I have heard though if you don't have the DNC that it is much more painful. A friend of mine had a m/c and the pain lasted about 3 days. I would call my doctor back and tell them what kind of pain I am in and see if there is anything they can do. I don't know if this is normal because I did have the dnc.


Kelly - August 1

I have had 4 m/c and 3 of them I had dnc for. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. No matter what position I was in, I couldn't take it. The dnc was painless, with the exception of it being emotionally painful. Good luck and call the OB to meet you in the ER.


Karen - August 2

I had a miscarriage Oct last year. It started on a Wedesday and by Thursday morning I had a huge release of a blood cloth (that was the baby, sac, yoke etc). I went to my doc and he gave me a prescription for the bleeding and pain. I feel for you cause I know what your going through. I accidently took my full dose of pain killers at one time. My pain lasted for about 3 days and I had bleeding for another week or two. I would call the doc again and if he does not respond see another doc. Your doc should have also checked that you had nothing else left inside, anything left in there can be harmful and effect future conception. All the best and my prayers are with you. Truly does who feels it knows it.


Debi - August 2

Hi Meme, first of all let me say that I am sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in April and I know what you are saying about the labor pains as I would get a "contraction" I would have a gush of blood and tissue. My pain really only lasted about 2-3 days while I pa__sed most of the tissue then it would come and go after that for maybe another 2-3 days like a period, I only took advil for the pain and it helped. You may need to call your doctor to see if you need a D&C. As for the pain I would try to use Advil or Motrin and see if that helps. Best of luck to you and again, I'm sorry that you had to go through this.



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