Painful Pressure In Vaginal Area

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1st time mom - February 27

Lately when Im sitting for a long time and then stand up or the reverse of that I notice the unbelievably bad pain down their in the va___al area not my pelvis. Its almost like the baby is just about to come out or something. Im only 23 wks so its not like Im almost due or that I have alot of excess weight, I haven't gained a lb yet. It's just very very painful and was wondering if its just the pressure from the weight of the uterus growing. Has anyone else had this pain?


nicole picco - February 27

hi! I am also having the pain you are talking about. It sometimes feels like electric shocks are shooting out of my body! I am only 16 weeks though. My guess its the change going on inside and the added pressure on the pubic bone? Mine is worse being on my feet for more than 4 hours. Good luck with it.


Sonya - February 27

Oh my gosh, I thought I was going crazy. I have this too, although mine feels more like a stabbing pain and it too gets worse as the day goes on if I am up. I am only 7 1/2 wks pregnant but this has been going on for 1-2 wks now. Sometimes it really hurts.


Bonnie - March 20

Hi...I am having a lot of v____al pressure, too, and I am only 22 weeks. This is my third pregnancy. My Dr. said the pressure is because the ligaments that hold the uterus are being very stretched and the baby is already down low in my pelvis. Sometimes it feels as though the baby is sitting right on my v____al area and is ready to come out!! It is really uncomfortable at times. I hope there aren't any long-term effects of this! I started wearing a maternity support belt a few days ago which seems to be helping some. I also heard that since I am having a boy this time (my other two children are girls) it can sometimes cause differences in swelling. My friend had a lot more v____al pressure starting at week 22 with her two boys, than she had with her third baby which was a girl.


Dez - March 20

Oh the joys of pregnancy, lol no Im kidding its just the baby moving around and pushing down on that bone, I know your pain it feels like someones taking your v____a bone and cracking it in half, just hang in there girl your just stretching i know it hurts I still get that pain and my baby is four months, I hope you feel better, try warm baths, that helped relax me I tried stretching that didnt work. try even a heating pad, It sux but there is really not much to do when your pregnant,lol your body and baby do what they want to make us feel unconfortable.


Romecca - March 21

I highly suggest you have your doctor check your cervix. I too had a lot of pressure in the v____al area, as if the baby was trying to come out, and I ended up losing my baby due to incompetent cervix. Pressure IS NOT normal, regardless of what anyone tells you. It's hard to decipher what's normal and what's not, being a first time mom. I am now pregnant again and have a cerclage and I have had no pressure. Now I know that v____al pressure is not normal. Do not wait! Call your doctor and demand s/he check your cervix to make sure you are not dialating. You could be dialating now. I dialated 3 cm. and my water broke at 17 weeks, 4 days due to PRESSURE.


Heather - March 21

Romecca, I'm so sorry for your loss! I had a cerclage with my first pregnancy, lost my second before I could have one put in, and am 9 weeks pregnant now and waiting for my 14th week to have my cerclage. I'm having the same stabbing pain that I did with my last two, and scared to death that I'll lose it before the cerclage is put in. All of you, definately follow Romecca's advice and have your doctor check your cervix for shortening or dialation! Especially if you have ever had cervical biopsies, LEEP, cryosurgery, etc.


razia - April 28

hi there infact i thought is normal to have that pain i talked to some older ladies and thy say my vrgina maybe growing big for the baby but i rather se a doctor and sujest you all who got this v____a pain should see a doctor before its too late.


razia - April 28

hi there infact i thought is normal to have that pain i talked to some older ladies and thy say my vrgina maybe growing big for the baby but i rather se a doctor and sujest you all who got this v____a pain should see a doctor before its too late. and sorry to hear about you romecca atleast yuou worned us about the pains and pressure is not normal.


Beatrice - May 18

I am 19 weeks, 1st pregnancy & I have the same deep pain, maybe stabbing, I don't know it's just really sharp pain deep in my v____a and I feel it especially when I sit. I though I must see the doc for sure to check my cervix & I see from others' comments that it's really important which pushes me even more in seeing him tomorrow. Thanks everyone and sorry for the losses of the other ladies' babies. God bless...


Christy - May 19

I don't remember the name for the pain that you are feeling, but my doctor told me about it long before I started to feel it. Its a normal pain that will sometimes make you want to double over.


Karen - May 19

I am also having those type of pains. They are not constant and come and go. I feel a slight pressure in my v____a but nothing painful. I am 22 weeks and went for a check up just yesterday. The doc asked about the pains if I was feeling them and I said yes, he advise that it was normal. I also saw my baby and he was well relax on his back sleeping. I would still check with your doc to be sure. I call mine for every nick and cran. He just smiles and says everything is fine. I dont now but when my doc did my exam he check my cervix and everything. I am sure they could tell if you have an incomplete cervix or not cant they ?. Pleae forgive my ignorance if I am incorrect. I am sorry to hear of your losses. I had a misscarriage at 6 weeks and know the pain of a loss pregnancy. Good luck to all you ladies and a very safe arrival of all the little ones. !!!!!!


neyshika - May 21

hi ! OMG i thought i was the only one. I am 22 wks pregnant and have 2 episodes of bleeding as my placenta is lying low. was put on bedrest for 6 weeks. Now I get this unbearable pain in my v____a. Its hard to explain. its almost like someone is ripping my cervix out. It gets worse at night after ivve been on my feet the whole day. I need help going to the bathroom at night. I checked with my Doctor- says everything looks fine, cervix is not dialated and is long and still firm.NOthing looks abnormal. But its worries me sick about any longterm defects with the baby. It wd be nice if there was a valid xplanation to all this .


shawna - May 30

Hi i am also experiencing this pain. im 39 weeks and been having it for a week now. It seems to get worse everyday. Its hard to roll over in bed because the pain is so sharp but the doc doesnt seem concerned at all. I think its just my body preparing to delivery my baby boy. I hope all of you the best.


Neda - June 25

Hi, I'm not pregnant but i'm having the same problem. I was trying to find some answers but this type of forum is all that comes up for me. Just strange how it feels like stabbing pain. I have had pre-cancer and it was taken care of a few years ago, maybe its back. Just thought I'd post so everyone knows the pain is there without being pregnant? lol. congrats and goodluck all :D


ASHLEY - June 26

i am not pregnant either but i have a stabbing pain in my cervix come out of nowhere. It usually happens a few days before i start? Anyone know what causes this?


Kelli Tatom - July 7

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I have been having the same type of pain since about 33 weeks. So I think anyone who has this pain earlier than 29 weeks should definitely tell their doctor. My doctor told me it that my body was trying to dialate and it could also be from being on my feet too much, which I am. So if your not that far along and your already getting these pains please tell your doctor qhickly



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