Painful Pressure In Vaginal Area

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Kelli Tatom - July 7

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I have been having the same type of pain since about 33 weeks. So I think anyone who has this pain earlier than 29 weeks should definitely tell their doctor. My doctor told me it that my body was trying to dialate and it could also be from being on my feet too much, which I am. So if your not that far along and your already getting these pains please tell your doctor qhickly


k - July 8

look up round ligament pain


lynn - July 12



kristin - July 23

this pressure is not normal. i was pregnant and towards the end of my 1st tri and couldn't sit and then stand up without cringing. it hurt! everyone said it was my ligaments stretching. i went in for a routing ultrasound around 23 weeks. my ultrasound (the belly kind) was normal but as i tried to get off the table - there was the pain again. i asked the technician if pregnancy should hurt (pressure kind of hurt) she said no and did a v____al ultrasound. well, ladies, my ultra sound appt. just happened to be at a hospital and i never left the hospital. i had incomp. cervix, my cervix was opened and if i had walked out, my baby would've come out without labor pains. i thankfully have a healthy baby girl now but bedrest in a hospital took a toll on my mental health and i am still recovering from that. bottom line: pressure pain is not normal and an incompetant cervix does not show up on a regular belly utlrasound.


mama2be - August 5

went to the docs today. turns out the pressure IS normal as long as its not accompanied with extreme unbearable pain, cramps, and leaking of water (amniotic fluid)..... when yer pregnant, the v____a actually swells up inside because of the increase in blood volume. the way I explained it to my doc was it feels like pressure with no pain, and it kinda felt like there was a tampon inside and it was extremely dry. she said its normal and usually caused by the baby (or in my case, babies) sitting on the bladder which causes there to be pressure down there. my cervix isn't thin or soft or anything problematic, and I'm 21 weeks with twins. to be on the safe side, I think everyones individual and should see their doc if something feels funny no matter what. better to be safe than sorry. best of luck to you all :)


mama2be - August 5

ooh! forgot to mention that, when feeling the pressure its best to lay down with your feet up (best if at or higher than the level of your chest) this is what my doc told me and it worked.


crystal - August 7

I too am having this stabbing pain nin my cervical area , but i recently had a miscarriage .I think maybe I got prgnant too soon after .I got pregnant again only a month and a half after my loss .I hope everything is alright .


Rachel - August 7

Hi, I am also 23 weeks pregnant and I get the same pain. Mine is normally right after I go to the bathroom. I asked my OB and said that it was just pressure from the baby and the shooting pain is the ligaments stretching when I stand up. If you are not having any spotting then I would not worry to much about it.


candyce - August 13

OK after reading everyones opinions about this matter I have noticed that there are 3 types of PAINS/Feelings in the v____al area. 1) Stabbing or striking pains 2) Pressure or 3) Feeling like the actual bone in your v____a is going to break in half! I think every womans experience with their pregnancy is different than another womans and Im trying to figure out the woman with the most similar PAIN as mine and its the pain in my v____a that feels like the bone is going to crack in half!! I wonder what this is. It also seems as though the symptoms that you feel are A) More common or normal/not normal at a certain week. I am 38 weeks. So if a woman who has PAIN in their actual VAGINAL BONES I am curious to what this is.. All my doctor has said is "ohh its common" hehe.. Well Im sure everything is fine its just interesting to know.


Becky - August 23

I too am having this sharp shooting pain. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have been feeling this off and on for the last 3 weeks. It does feel as though the baby is ready to come out. But it never last very long. They come and go and ususally only last about 10 secs. at the most. I asked my doc what it could be and she says that its my pelvic bone started to open up and prepare for the baby to come through. I made me feel a little better at the time, but I still get nervous when they come.


Karinne - August 25

It sounds to me like round ligament pain just because it happens when you stand up. I've felt that too. You just have to remember to stand up slowly and let your body adust to the stretch.


Dawn - August 26

I have had this pain since the second month. It is getting worse the further on I am. My doctor says its the round ligaments stretching because of the growth in the uterus, and it will only get worse the bigger I get. When you stand your stretching those ligaments so he suggest when lying down to lie on your side with your knees bent so that the ligaments aren't stretching.


jane - September 9

hi all i wonder if anyone can help me i had a prem baby 8 years ago at 27 weeks but i had another 3 years ago full term ime now pregnant again and nearly 27 weeks ive really sore hips when walk and have some kind of pressure low down not painfull but when ime in bed i cant lift my leg because of this pressure does anyone know what this is


I have the same thing - September 9

I asked the same question, I have been hurting so bad i can hardly walk sometimes. Im am 24 weeks along. Someone told me it was pressure from the baby, Im allso carring a boy and they tend to sit lower. I know I didnt help much, but i can surley relate. Jamie


jane - September 9

hi ime having a boy also and they say you carry low this little boy must be really low with my last 2 girls i had non of this


jane - September 22

hi all ive been having alot of pressure down there i was thinking all kinds of things like the babys head as engaged and ime only 28 weeks i went hospital for a scan and she said the baby was measuring big and thats why i feel heavy down there because ime not used to carrying big she also said to me ive got to come back in 2 weeks for a diabetes test to rule out thats y the babys not big ime really terrified



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