Pains On Side Normal

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Missy - March 2

Hey guys. Gosh, us pregnant woman sure are worry warts aren't we? Here's my latest obsession: About an hour ago I started having these pains on my left side (really on my side, not my abdomen) almost like a stich from running but on my side. Is that normal or should I worry? I went to the Dr's today and the U/S was perfect (yay!). These pangs are weird, they only come for a second or two and then they leave. Any advice??


Amy - March 2

Did you pull a muscle?? I don't know how far along you are, but if you have quite a belly on you, you may have twisted your weight just right and pulled a muscle.


Michaela - March 2

Missy how far along are you? When I was about 5 to 6 weeks pregnant I had the same thing, I also had it like the 8-10th week.It, is just your ligaments stretching.I felt like a pinch, sometimes it went to my right side.But, mainly on my left.As, long as there is no bleeding I'm sure you'll be okay!!


Missy - March 2

I am 9.5 weeks. I am a thin girl so I don't think I pulled a muscle. I am still at work (I know, can't you tell how hard I am working!) so I probably just bent over to pick up a file wrong...I figured it was probably just ligaments. At my first Dr's appt he told me to expect weird spasms things. I just had to make sure - if some one had posted something like "Oh my god that's a sign of something terrible and horrific and hurry, rush to the hospital" than I would be worried, but really I think I just needed rea__surance - Thanks guys!


2 Missy - March 2

Sorry you are having Sorry I thought that was cute. Are the pangs (lol, jk pains) high or low??? I wonder if it could be your ligaments stretching. The only time I would get super worried is if the pains were severe cramps like your period and followed by heavy or bright red bleeding. Congrats on the u/s :o)


Missy - March 2

Under my ribcage is where they are - and they do feel like pangs! A combonation of pain cause by friggin fangs in my side!! It's like I am getting pinched from inside - weird, I know. No bleeding or cramping or pains in the abdomen like period cramps, so I am feeling good about this. I just get worried - it's my first pregnancy and I really don't know what to expect!


Missy - March 3

Just thought I would let you all know that the pains went on until about 10 Pacific time, and haven't come back....must've been ligaments or something. Good riddence!!


nicole - March 4

missy i had my first doctors appt yesterday and i asked him about it cuz the same thing happened to me. he said thats the side of the ovary that the egg came from . its still sensitive and it has to heal itself again or somethin like that..dont worry perfectly normal



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