Panic Attacks And Stress During Pregnancy

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Jen - March 14

Hi I have asked this question a couple of times before but I suffer from panic and anxiety and am so scared that my frequent panic attacks will affect my baby. I struggle to sleep and sometimes don't allow myself to sleep as I often wake up panicked and have to get up and stroll round the house till I've calmed down. I've tried allsorts of therapies and although I am better than I used to be I still can't get rid of the panic. Does anyone know whether this can be detrimental to my baby? How can I help myself. I'm sorry to sound desperate but I am so stressed about it. Thanks


tara - March 14

I have heard that panic attacks during pregnancy can effect the baby later in life - 8 or 9 years old. Although I don't know how true it is and if there has been studies done on this or not. But try doing a search in google with 'pregnancy and panic attacks'. The ones I get are mild and through the relaxation and breathing methods I have learned in Yoga I can calm my self down. There is one that really works for me...take a deep breath and breath out with lound as you need to or as quiet as you want...the breathing out sound is OUM. Breath out OOOOOOOOOgoing into UUUUUU then MMMMM. Hope this helps.


J - March 14

I am a psychology student and panic attacks can be hereditary but I don't think the chances of having one during pregnancy will hurt your baby. Increased serotonin levels in the brain can trigger anxiety. You should see a doctor if your disorder is severe there are many medications out there to help.


Jamie - March 14

I suffer from panic attacks. I am not pregnant at the moment but am ttc! I spoke to my doctor who recommended I stop my zoloft while trying to conceive. She did say however that if I do get pregnant and start having panic attacks that going back on zoloft while pregnant will not be a bad thing. She said the having panic attacks is worse for the baby than the medication. She said that the chances of zoloft interfering or complicating things is slim compared to having a panic attack. Hope that helps!



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