Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

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anon - January 31

Hi all I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I suffer from panic disorder, which basically means I am in a constant state of anxiety. It's very distressing for me and I am trying my best to manage it and control the symptoms. However does anybody know if having panic attacks during pregnancy can have adverse effects on the baby? Would appreciate any help/advice. Thanks


lily - April 18

i'm 9 weeks and i have constant panic attacks and i cant take any medications i would like to know what to do.


r - April 18

You should talk with your doctor about this.


jena - April 18

i'm 7 weeks and was already on a couple meds - doc told me one was a no-no, but that I could continue Celexa - it's an anti-depressant, but it may help - talk to your doctor about it for sure - good luck!


tara - April 18

I started getting them around 12 - 18 weeks and did some reasearch on this topic. Basically what I came across varied from site to site because there hasn't been enough reseach on this. Come sites said there is no effect and some sites said that it can cause ADD when the child is 8-9 years old...I would suggest talking to your Dr about this and getting a perfessional opinion. my attacks are starting to come back again, but I have managed to deal with them trhough relaxation and meditation.


hi girls - April 18

well since we are talking about anxiety i was never dig.with it but it feels like it do guy sometimes get chest pains with it that it feels like your having a heart attack then i get really nervous iam just 22 years old and iam 22weeks pregnante.and iam also scared please respond


tara - April 18

I havn't had any chest pains but shortness of breath is common for me and that sometimes causes chest pains. These issues are something that your caregiver should be aware of so please talk to your physician about the chest pains to figure out the cause of - depending on the cause it could be seriouse.


Hayley - April 19

I posted the original question on this topic and I am now 27 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately I still suffer with panic attacks and I manage to get through them but I still go through all of the same symptoms - heart palpitations, sweaty palms, shortness of breath etc. I have tried to get help for this but it appears that it's something that I'm just going to have to live with for now, and hope that it doesn't affect my baby. I think relaxation/mediation techniques are a good idea - I need to try some myself. My midwife a__sured me that babies are highly resilient and it would probably be just me that would suffer when I have an attack. I'm only 23 myself and I've been having panic attacks for the past 3 years. With a bit of luck I might grow out of them one day. Good luck to you all xx


kristi - April 21

i started getting depession early in my pregnancy, and was prescribed zoloft at 18wks, i took it once at night, and had a bad reaction to it. full b__wn panic attack,, they are soo scarry! i feel for you poeple who have constant ones.


jen - April 21

hi all. i suffered with panic attacks which started about a year after my first child was born. suffered for about 3 years with them and just had to force myself to deal with whatever was causing the anxiety i.e flying in a plane, walking into town on my own etc. found as time went by i reminded myself that the last time i felt like this, nothing bad actually happened, i did not pa__s out, did not throw up in public etc!! also found some stuff called rescue remedy (unsure if available in the states) it is brilliant, completely safe for use during pregnancy, calms you down without you realising. like 20 minutes later you think 'oh, not panicing anymore' . just so pleased that i have been able to put that part of my life behind me. ladies, there will be an end to it


lily to jen - April 21

Jen is so nice to hear this words of hope, the same thind happened to me after 6-9 months of having my first baby i begun to have this panic attacks and now im pregnant and i cant take to medication but ever since i started talking to all the girls here with my same problem i actually feel like a can controll them a little more, thanks


Lisa - May 27

I also started having panic attacks about 6 months after having my first daughter. Now I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second and they seem to be getting increasingly worse. I did consult my doctor and am waiting to see the outcome. I was looking into accupunture or hypnotherapy. Has anyone tried it? By the way rescue remedy is a great thing.


lil - May 27

Hey Lisa, i so your coment amd i know exatly how u feel i'm now almost 26 weeks and i still get them but it has been like two weeks that i havent got them but they were really really bad, that my heart rate would go up to like 160 and i though i was having a heart attack, my doctor told me not worry about them if they come let them come like if you were i nthe beach and a wave came, i'm also seen a therapist and it helps. try this web site it helped me and if you need to ask me anything you can always e-mail me to [email protected]


Hey Lil - May 27

Thanks for your response. Now that I'm reading more on the internet about how common they are it seems to help a little bit. I just wish that I didn't always feel like I was going crazy and I'm gonna have to be locked in a padded room one day. But I am learning that a lot of people feel that way. Does anyone here feel that way? Thanks!


Lili - May 27

TO Amy , its funny because i have that too sometimes i feel that i'm going to go crazy and not be on control of my self i get this weird feelings, i told my therapist that i was afraid of going crazy and she explained that is not so easy like it sounds there is people that have major disorders and still have a normal life and live on their own. Listen i'm almost positive that neither me or you or anyone here are going to go crazy its just and anxiety disorer and think this way anxiety and relaxion can not coexist in our cells is either one or the other one so try to practice relaxion the most you can i have been doing it even if i'm not anxious and it helps b/c if you are relaxed you can not be anxious ( this my doctor told me) try this website and then to learn about relaxion try this one


Q - May 27

To Lisa, I have tried hypnotherapy a few times and it was a great experience for me. I still get anxiety, but it's not too bad. I also have read Weilson Reid's book, "Don't Panic" (no this is not an ad!!) and it made sooo much sense to me and made me feel better about anxiety attacks. I am only 4 weeks pregnant, but I know I was concerned about it. One thing I have learned is that you need to seriously review your lifestyle and your personality/self image. Anyways, good luck everyone! p.s. as for effects on babies, just think about 60 years ago when they didn't have medication available for anxiety!


Jen - June 4

i am not sure on the effect on the baby. Some people say its bad,but then others say its ok. I am 9 weeks pregnant and just a few days ago I woke up it seems and I started freaking out about everything. I have been with my boyfriend for only a couple months now. I know I love him, but ever since i've ben having these panic attacks I find myself in question about everything. My relationship,is this what i want and so on. I feel so overwhelmed with everything. I'm supposed to love this man, find a new home, work more(due to money), prepare myself to be a mother. I was just trying to figure out me before i found out. I was so happy with my boyfriend, finally found a great guy. So why am I questioning everything and FREAKING out. I wish i could just feel normal again. Any suggestions?



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