Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

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H85 - November 3

hi i am feeling the exact way as kelly 14 i have suffered from panic attacks for 2 years now but havent had one for the past year as i thught i had it under control untill i found out i was preges now the feeling is back i have mananged to stop them and havent had a full one yet but i am having that down feeling again i really hate this and thought i was over is making me think if having a baby is really worth feeling like this again please someone respond i need help!!!!


Kelly14 - November 8

When I had this feeling, I went to talk to my doctor. She said that it was just the hormones and it would level out. After about two weeks, I started to feel better and now my baby is One years old. My little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me and now I look back and laugh at how much of a mess I was, because I was worried over nothing. Good luck and remember that having a child is a great thing. The hormones will level out for you and things will get better.


H85 - November 9

thank you so much that has made me feel so much better i still have my down days but other days im great.did u suffer from panic attacks before you fell preges or just during


Kelly14 - November 9

Just during. It was awful, but like I said, I felt normal after about 2 weeks. It was well worth two bad weeks for what I have now.


twinkles2501 - November 16

I am pregnant with my 3rd child and had panic attacks in all 3 pregnancies,(but never when not pregnant) the 1st pregnancy being the worst, couldnt leave the house. They are horrible and debilitating, the fear of going crazy takes over. My panic attacks only ever happen in the middle of the night, thank god, but i end up going to work absolutely knackered. Can I just rea__sure people though as to the effect on babies - my 2 children are absolutely fine, my daughter is 17 now and one of the most laid back, chilled out people I know (as I am, usually!) My son is 3 and absolutely fine, a typical, boisterous 3 year old boy. Does anybody else have panic attacks that occur just at night and just when pregnant?? It helps to know I'm not the only person in the world who feels like this!


gaer - November 16

I have panic disorder, and took L-Theanine for them during pregnancy. ASK YOUR DR. before you do that, it was fine for me. It has always taken the edge off. Its natural, made from green tea. I only took it when I absolutely had to. I also increased my calcium, magnessium, pottasium. Those help pregnant or not. If you are short of certain minerals or vitamins your body cannot handle the cortisol or stress hormones properly. At least thats what I was told.


lily25 - November 30

Hi everyone, i posted here 5 years ago when i was preg with my lit boy and now i found this again and what a relieve to read my old posts since im preg again. i hope you girls are doing great, i was doing great for a couple of weeks since i increased zoloft to 75 mg, except at night every other night i would wake up with usual panic heart palpitation and freak out for a while but i would control my self here and there, but last Wednesday i woke up with palpitations and wasnt feeling that nervous just the palpitations and something told me to go to the hospital, and i did, there they checked my heart and everything was fine, but they found out that im pregnant and i said- how is it possible i have an IUD on and they did a sonogram to make sure it was not an ectopic and everything looks fine, im about 4-5 weeks, this is my 3 child i have a 9 and a 5 year old. Today i went to the psychiatrist and he said to go off zoloft and to ask my ob what to do, he seemed like he didnt want any responsibility, like if he wanted to clean his hands and let someone else deal with it, i was so disappointed he didnt even talk to me for 5 min, incredible some doctors are not meant to be doctors. Anyways i dont know what to do, today i took a nap and woke up with palpitations about 100 bpm and told my self, there is nothing you can do about it so let it be and they went away alone, hope to do the same in future occasions. Last preg 5 years ago i was put on zoloft at around 26 weeks and everything went well, lets see this time. Good luck everyone. Lily


Hope24 - December 2

Hi all, I have been suffering from panic attacks since last year. I was on Paxil until last may when my dh and I decided we were ready to ttc. I was wondering, do panic attacks hinder you from getting pregnant???


zent - December 4

Hi Hope24, Panick attacks do not hinder pregnancy at all. There are many out there who have such attacks and can still conceive successfully. I have occasional panic attacks and general anxiety issue for the past 3 years and I unexpectedly conceived 5 months ago. Although the pregnancy is not so comfortable compared to my first which was panic free, my gynae said tat baby and I are doing fine. Hope this encourages you to press on. Zent


Hope24 - December 5

Thank you Zent for your encouragement. I am still learning about panic attacks and my body's reaction to it. I too have GAD... been living with it for a while. I was wondering if anyone feels the stress that panic attacks brings. For example, I've found that my back/shoulder muscles tense up like a rock when I get panic attacks. How do you all relax and "de-stress" so that your body can perform its natural function of preparing itself for conception etc...? UGH it's soo frustrating....


lily25 - December 7

Hi Girls, i hope you are doing fine, i was bleeding for a couple of days but today i went and had an ultrasound and everything is ok wiith the baby im 6 weeks and we heard the heart beat, but on the way to the hospital i had a panic attack while driving major tachycardia and of course freaked out, but since i had my grandma and my boy in the car i tried to control my self , almost called 911 without them noticing but i was able to make it to the docs office and there i calmed down. after i went to a new Psy and turned out really nice he took his time and explained everything in details, told me to get off zoloft for now and see if i can manage until 12 weeks at least gave me klonopin just in case i feel too anxious to take half of .5. I feel much better now, i hope i can manage this pregnancy and the panic attacks. Good luck.


Lynn79 - December 9

I am so glad I found this post. I am only 4 weeks pregnant and have been having horrible panic attacks, but only at night. I have lost so much sleep it is hard to function during the day and I have to go to work. I was put on zoloft..and have only been on 25 mg for 3 days. But tonight I had the worst panic attack so far. My psychiatrist said that zoloft would not cause the panic attack, but I'm not sure. I don't know how to relax my body and shut my mind off to fall asleep. I am so glad I am not alone.


lily25 - December 19

Hi Lynn wondering how u are feeling, i have been horrible hope this gets better. Feel better.


juca - July 17

hi I am having a panic attack for 9 years now. I have one kid, 6 year old, and now I want one more. But I have a big big problem. What if panic attack becomes worst. It is horrible now and I am so scared that it become worst if I get pregnant. I stop with my therapy 3 months ago so I can become pregnant. I am not very good in English so I hope you will understand what I mean to say. Can anybody give me some word of carriage?? tnx


H85 - July 18

hi juca i am the exact same as you i have a 6 year old so we tried for another baby i did suffer from panic attacks the first trimester but after that they all went now i have a beautiful 8 week old baby and feel great


lmr - September 3

Juca it sounds like the other women on this forum have managed their panic attacks, got through their pregnancies and delivered healthy babies. Best thing is to tell your doctor and plan what you will do if you have panic attacks or anxiety. Make a plan of action and prepare people around you so you get the support you need if it happens. It sounds like quite a few women suffer from them. I googled this subject because I am in the same situation - too scared to get pregnant (my last chance as I am quite old) because I know 100% I am going to have horrible panic attacks and high blood pressure. I am glad I found this forum just to hear that these panics seem to happen to quite a few women. This has given me renewed courage to give it a go. It will be my first child though if I go ahead with it. I had a bad experience 4 years ago and only just feel brave enough to try again now.



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