Panicked To Tell Anyone I Am Pregnant

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elizabeth-worried - February 23

hi, I want to know if anyone feels like me..I am 8 weeks pregnant and have not told anyone exept my fiancee I am very scared to loose the baby even if I am only 19, it has never happened with me or my family and they haven't told me about any risk...I am even afraid to talk about the baby with my boyfriend..I am just afraid I am going to suffer more if that!!


Rachel* - February 23

Elizabeth, try not to worry so much. You are doing more harm than good if you are stressing out about it. I belive that positive thinking brings positive outcomes. I am 10 weeks pregnant and I know there is always a risk of miscarriage, but I don't dwell on it. I told my close family and friends when I was 5 weeks and they are so supportive to me. It might help if you had someone to talk with, about your fears, feelings, and symptoms. You'll be fine :)


tara - February 23

That is a common feeling to have. if you don't feel comfortable telling anyone then just wait. Just keep going to your regular doctor's appointments and take your vitamines. Also in a week or so your doctor should be able to hear the heart beat with a doppler...once you hear that you will feel better and more at ease. if this issue is really bothering you, i'd suggest asking your doctor to send you in for an early ultra sound just to ease your mind. Some Doctors are good with this, some aren't. But try to keep in mind that your baby needs your positive energy to develop and grow, and worring about what might happen is just creating negative energy inside you. Just take care of yur self, and relax as much as you can. best of luck ;o)


P - February 23

I was just the opposite. I thought there was no way it would happen to me even though I was 33 and my doctor said as many as one third of all pregnancies end in miscarriage for no apparent reason. Imagine my surprise when I did miscarry. It was very sad but it was more uncomfortable having to tell everyone. I would suggest you think positive but limit who you tell to those closest to you until you are past the 3 month marker. I'm sorry if I freaked you out even more. But if it makes you feel better I got pregnant again two months later and have had no problems at all. I am now almost 37weeks. So think positive okay? You are very young and will probably breeze through the next 32 weeks. Good luck.


elizzabeth-worried - February 23

p, I am just afraid that there won't be a next time because this was a little accident that I love but I know next time its going to be in a long time and I want it now!!


P - February 23

I really know how you feel. I felt exactly the same way. I figured because I was in my thirties the clock was a-tickin'!! Luckily my boyfriend was happy to oblige. Do you know why you want it so badly right now? You really are very young so physiologically it's not an issue. What does your boyfriend think? Does he know yet? i honestly don't think you have anything to worry about. I just think you should be sort of prepared for the worst just in case. Try to think positive and relax, you're almost over the "hump". The risk is greatly reduced after 12 weeks.


elizzabeth-worried - February 23

p, thanks for answering back...well he does knows but doesn't really talk about it either. I want to be a young mother I think its a nice experience and I know we love each other. sometimes when I want to do something that I shouldn't he is like "remember you can't do that" but that is it!! I know he is confused but so am I, but that is not a reason fof abortion I dont believe on that.


P - February 23

I always wanted to be a young mother too. Didn't work out that way though. Instead, as my friend pointed out at my baby shower the other day, I'll be 50 when my "baby" turns 16. Ugh. lol There are pros and cons to having children at a young age as well as when you are older. You work with what you are dealt. I wish you all the best and please don't be afraid or too proud to ask for help from your friends and family. There really is no such thing as "mothers instinct". You don't automatically know what to do the second the baby is born. Do lots of reading and take parenting and pre-natal cla__ses if you can. Don't I sound bossy? lol Have you started thinking of names yet? I went psycho at first and then got so frustrated I gave it up completely. I only just started to think of them again. I have three weeks to figure it out. Wish me luck! :) I'm sure you and your baby will be just fine.


elizzabeth-worried - February 24

thank you P, you are great help! I guess its normal to be panicked ha? and no, I have not thought about any names yet..I wish you lots of luck and I think that even if you were 60 by the time she is 15 it depends how young your mind is, I think it has nothing to do with the age...what good would it be to be a young mother but very close minded? in the other hand if you are always young of mind the age does not matter...well I hope I always have a mind of a young one..


Robyn - March 2

Im only 20 and I had the same fears! It always seems worse in your mind then it actually is. I was so incredibly scared to tell my mom who is constantly telling me how proud she is of me and how well I am doing for myself and I thought this would be something that would dispaoint her. I finnaly broke down and told her and she was so excited she was going to be a grandma! In reality it is never as bad as it seems and your parents and family love you and are going to support you no matter what!


Heidi - March 2

I know how you feel. If you're not comfortable telling people yet, wait a little longer if you want. I was only 4 wks pg and my fiance told everyone!!! I wanted to wait till my first ultrasound to make sure everything is okay but it didn't work that way. Sometimes when I tell certain people I'll just say, try not to spread it around because it is still early....and they get the picture. I'm only at 7 weeks tomorrow and haven't had any problems besides being sicker than a dawg! I know I'm still at risk but I figure if something happens, it was meant to be and that there was something wrong. I try not to get too worked up about it. My first ultrasound isn't for two more weeks. Good luck and I'm sure everything will be just FINE! You're very young and healthy so you shouldn't have any worries.


casey - August 25

well i dont know if i am pregnant im only 13 and i have been having all the syptoms but dont know if i am? well i cant get away from my parents long enough to go get 1 what should i do????? im scared


To Casey - August 25

If you managed to get pg then you have time to buy a pg test,you say you can't get away from your parents were they around in the room when you had s_x I doubt it. Take a test when you are due for your period with the first morning urine. If not then go to planned parenthood for a free test. Hope you get your answer you need.


Bree - August 25

I struggled with the same thing and I'm 36! (with 2 about grown kids already) so I think it's perfectly normal and understanding. My advice is to realize that what's done is done, you will feel much better once you are not hiding your secret. You can focus more on the gift of pregnancy when you don't feel bad or scared about facing it. I hope that you can lean on your fiancee and have some support system from your family or friends. I wish you all the best. Remember, stress is not good for the baby or you!



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