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thefuturemrswhite - April 10

I am pretty sure im pregnant. I havent been to the doctor yet but I took 3 tests that were positive and have had all of the symptoms. Anyways, I was at work today and out of nowhere I passed out. Luckily I didnt fall on my stomach or anything but is this something that happens often in pregnancy? Or at all? Should I call the doc to try and get in sooner?


mjvdec01 - April 10

It is pretty normal. When you get pregnant your blood volume increases, it starts in the early weeks and can cause faintness, or even fainting. It is normal unless you don't regain conciousness. With my first pregnancy I had experienced this and was really worried. My OB said it was perfectly normal and harmless. I would definitely let your OB know, and if it becomes a habitual thing then maybe it is something to look at more closely, but for me it happened about 3 or 4 times in my first trimester and that was it.


thefuturemrswhite - April 10

Is there anything I could do to decrease the chances of it happening again?


kalokairi - April 11

just the usual, drink lots of fluids to keep yourself well hydrated, head between the knees or lie down if you feel it coming on. if you are laying, sit up slowly, if you are sitting, stand up slowly, all the blood rushes to your legs when you stand. dont let yourself get hungry, always have a little something in your stomach. avoid hot showers, hot stoves, over heating yourself in general. while it is normal, its scarey nonetheless. feel better!


thefuturemrswhite - April 11

thank you!


justinsbaby - April 11

It happen to me, but my doctor said it was because my blood pressure. I'm boarder line diabetic but when I got pregnant it changed my body and caused my body to need more sugar. But mjvdec01 could be right. I have heard or others having this problem.



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