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cassie - November 6

Is it ok if i eat peanuts while i'm pregnant?


E - November 6

Some women pa__s a peanut allergy onto their unborn baby by eating peanuts. There is no way to know if this will happen so it is recommended that pregnant women with allergies (any kind) avoid peanuts to be on the safe side. Many women with allergies consume peanuts and do not pa__s an allergy along to their baby, but some do and it is an awful and deadly allergy to have. I was a researcher in an allergy/asthma lab for several years and know this from several presentations given at the hospital.


claire - November 7

i was worried about it but my doctor told me its ok unless i have an allergy or anyone in my family does, i eat peanuts but only every so often cause there are lots of foods with peanuts in. my doctor is also pregnant and she cant stop eating them!!


dorrie - November 8

you know what?? these midwives today dictate to us what we should and shouldnt eat dont they?? i got a right bollocking from mine for having a fried egg sandwich with a runny yoke!!! im app 8 weeks pregnant, with my first child. after talking to various family members my theory is this: the reason kids have so many allergies today is because women arent allowed to eat certain things when pregnant!! my mother ate what she wanted, and smoked through 5 pregnancies and we were all healthy, none of us have allergies or asthma. 20 - 30 years ago, women counld smoke whilst in labour!! ive been eating normally, peanut b___ter on toast every morning without fail, runny eggs, prawns, you name it ive had the lot, women gave birth to perfectly happy healthy babies 20 years ago before the "so called" dangers of runny blooming eggs and nuts etc etc, and they still can now, my advise is chomp away girl!! cos if anything happened to my child, i certainly wouldnt blame myself, id put it down to fate, but so far so good!! if you or your partner have a peanut allergy then i would probably avoid nuts, but if not go for it chuck. hope ive been of use......... dorrie x


E - November 8

Please read this and if you have ANY allergies of ANY kind, avoid peanuts - Dorrie, why you would take a chance and eat a runny yolk while pregnant is a mystery. You should have gotten a lecture as the bacteria content in a raw yolk is high and salmonella is a scary prospect. -- An allergic reaction involves two features of the human immune response. One is the production of immunoglobulin E (IgE), a type of protein called an antibody that circulates through the blood. The other is the mast cell, a specific cell that occurs in all body tissues but is especially common in areas of the body that are typical sites of allergic reactions, including the nose and throat, lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal tract. The ability of a given individual to form IgE against something as benign as food is an inherited predisposition. Generally, such people come from families in which allergies are common—not necessarily food allergies but perhaps hay fever, asthma, or hives. Someone with two allergic parents is more likely to develop food allergies than someone with one allergic parent.


Molly - November 8

just wanted to add baby does have a peanut allergy and i was very careful not to eat anything that would put the baby in danger of developing food allergies. Think about it...alot of children have milk allergies and we are told when we are pregnant to drink and eat lots of food containing calcium (milk and milk products)... so i guess my opinion is eat peanuts in moderation if you are worried, but there is no correlation between the two that has been confirmed.


E - November 8

Doctors make a big deal out of peanuts due to how deadly and severe the allergic reaction can be in some people. It is far more dangerous than a dairy allergy. During my meetings, docs stated they are not sure what it is about peanuts that cause such a severe reaction but it is a unique allergy that should not be compared to any other food allergy.


Anon - November 9

I was told not to have peanuts or anything containing nuts especially if there is history of things like, exzma, asthma, psoriosis or other allegies in the family.



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