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Eve - June 27

quick question for you ladies who have already been through this-i am 28weeks pregnant with my first and at my monthly check up this morning my doctor asked me if i have "interviewed" a pediatrician. what am i looking for in a pediatrician. i assumed a peditrician was a pediatrician but i guess not. (sorry first time) any input would be greatly appreciated


Hello - June 27

I too, am pregnant with my first child. I have not interviewed a pediatrician as of yet, since I am only 15 weeks, but I would a__sume it would be similar to when you looked for a reliable OB/GYN. I went to one early in my pregnancy, and was dissatisfied with the facilities and practices. Not every doctor/practice is the same. You have to be comfortable with their way of practice as well as with THEM personally. This is a big decision, as this person will be helping you to be looking after the health of your child for many years to come. Make sure it is someone that you trust to take good care of him/her!


E - June 27

Actually, they interview you. You make an appt, and they ask you a zillion questions. You are the one on trial for parenting skills, not the ped. Just thought I would let you in on that.


Katharine - June 27

I asked around for recommendations. it became clear that one was really considered "the best", so we set up an appointment with him. We liked that he had children himself, was easy going, VERY knowledgeable (sp?) and had a good practice with drs on-call all the time. Also, that the waiting room wasn't overly crowded (people waiting too long for their appointments-I HATE that) and that there was a seperate "rash hall" for contagious kids to enter the office, so not everyone is infected. So, here would be some questions I would ask- Where can you practice (hospitals, urgent cares, etc.)? Who are the other members of your practice? How do you handle after hours calls? What are your opinions on bottle/b___st feeding? What is the schedule of appointments during the first few years? Where have you practiced/how long/where did you go to school/residency/etc? How long have you been in our area (meaining will he be around for your kid's childhood)? When are co-pays due and how are payments made? How are same-day appointments handled (when your kid wakes up sick or gets sent home)? How do you do referrals (need to come in or refer over the phone)? What do you do in your free time/enjoy doing? What type of professional devvelopment do you engage in? Also, you want to find someone who is generally in agreement with your parenting style. The only disagreement we have had is about co-sleeping. My dr is TOTALLY against it and we are wimps and enjoyed having our daughter sleep with us when she was younger. Ultimately, this hasn't been a deal breaker. Hope this is helpful and not TMI!


JenniferB - June 27

I had it easy. My sister had four kids before I had one and she loves her pediatrician so I just went to him. He is wonderful.



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