Pedicures Safe

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traci - March 12

Is it safe to get a pedicure while in the second trimester? What about a spa pedicure, where they soak your feet?


??? - March 12

Why wouldn't they be? It's just a pedicure, you're getting a foot ma__sage, and your toenails tended to and they may soak your feet in a tub of water, big deal. Relax


Lovely - March 13

Not only are pedicures safe, they should be considered mandatory for all pregnant women. We can relax, and have someone take care of your sore, tired feet. Don't listen to "????", this is supposed to be a place where we can vent our fears and frustrations without being judged or ridiculed. Some things you may want to know, though, are, #1- Make sure you are going someplace reputable and CLEAN!!!! This should go all the time, but especially when pregnant. The last thing you want is an infection, or fungus! Also, during your last trimester, have the tech go easy on the ma__sage. There are reported pressure points in and around the ankle that can cause labour to start. Have the spa pedicure, and have a cup of something warm and yummy in a cup while you do it! Enjoy!


to tracie - March 13

yes they are fine,i had one a few days ago.


tiffani - March 13

Lovely hit the nail on the head! Go get your pedicure and enjoy it, you deserve it! :o)


Dr. Mephilia - September 14

If you are extremely concerned and this is of great importance to you then be sure to ask a professional. Responses from ignorant moms and pregnant women are your worst nightmare! Please keep in mind that some finger nail polish removers contain chemicals that may be toxic to your body, ultimately affecting the fetus. Use cautioun when selecting the nail salon for your pedi.


Lisa - September 14

I'm getting one tomorrow.


alchemyfyr - September 18

I've read in magazines that pedicures are ok as long as they don't ma__sage your ankles as this can cause contractions and premature labor. But I a__sume that it can only happen later in the pregnancy. I would just ask your Dr at your next visit. Good luck!


to traci - September 18

I have had several thru out my pregnancy so far I am 20wks and all is fine with me...



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