Pee On The Stick

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Susan - October 5

If you think you may be pregnant, you had unprotected s_x, you used a condom and it broke, you only came into contact with pre-c_m. Any of these things can result on pregnancy. If you have any doubt.....BUY A TEST and PEE ON THE STICK. It will save you added stress and it will save us here all the time it takes to respond with buy and take a pregnancy test. If it comes back positive even with a faint line, YES you are pregnant. If it comes back negative and you are still positive that it should be positive call your doc tor and make an appointment to get a blood test taken. I'm not trying to be rude, but the answer to these questions are obvious and quite frankly redundant.


FYI - October 5

FYI Redundant means "needlessly repet_tive."


Kate - October 5

Can I add a generic answer to questions about evaporation lines here too? If your test shows positive WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT GIVEN IN THE INSTRUCTIONS, you are pregnant. If you do not get a positive result within this time limit, you are most likely not pregnant. If you don't get a positive result within the time limit but you're still convinced that you are pregnant, contact your doctor. Any positive results appearing after the time limit stated in the instructions are evaporation lines and DO NOT indicate pregnancy. Susan - I totally understand why you have posted this, and doubt anyone with any sense will consider that you're being rude. It seems the vast majority of posts on this forum are from women asking if they are pregnant...and while we may have a lot of talents, I doubt any of us are psychic - we just can't answer those questions. Thank you for such a sensible and intelligent post, it really is a breath of fresh air.


bump - October 5

thought this needed a bump!


MJM - October 5

Well said. OR they could always read the older posts that answer the exact ? they are asking.


Another - October 5

Oh, somone should post this on the 1st trimester board.


Cathy - October 5

Bottom line.... If you are in doubt.. Take a test! Good post Susan!


bump! - October 5



ck - October 5

thank heavens for this post!!!!


BUMP - October 6



bump - October 6



liseel - October 6

I think that is mean, this is a board where people gpt to post questions - if the questions annoy you the simply don't answer. I personally took 3 home tests all negative, felt like I was pregnant and sure enough was. So I searched for others in the same situation. Have some patience!


To FYI - October 6

I'm sure she knows what redundant means...and she used it properly too! Thanks for the clarification on the meaning, Webster.


BUMP - October 11

Bring it back!


! - October 11

Susan IS Kate AND "FYI" (and probably most of the other "good on you" posts) She just thought of something else to rabbit on about and did it under a different name so she could compliment herself - "Thank you for such a sensible and intelligent post, it really is a breath of fresh air". Why don't you just tell the makers of this forum to take it all down - obviously people don't need to discuss things with each other - just go take a test. They should just replace this forum with TAKE A TEST - would that make you happier Susan/Kate?


Cathy - October 11

Boy oh boy somebody's got their panties in a twist....even afraid to use their name. I don't think that susan is kate and vice versa. I do think that FYI and susan are one in the same but I do agree to the post. Susan is answering a question that is asked constantly.


Xenia - October 11

Doesn't really matter what name I use (as you've proved by your multiple ident_ties Cathy/Susan/Kate). You can call yourself anything, so who cares if I called myself "!" - the content is still true. Anyway, stop responding so people can get some questions answered around here already!



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