Pee Test Came Back Positive How Long Does It Take

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phillygir1 - February 28

Ok, weird question. I am pregnant finally and I am so happy. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for a pee test to come back positive? I was on my 21st day and it came back...but the past 2 months my periods were weird and early...could I be further along than I expect????


DownbutnotOUT - February 28

the only real way to figure that out is by your first u/s that they do to date the baby, good luck and a huge congrads!


tk07 - February 28

it depends on how much hcg is in your system. when i was about 7 weeks it showed positive as soon as the pee hit it! but when i was originally testing (about 16dpo) it took about a minute to show up. when was your last period?


phillygir1 - February 28

Well, it was 2/3/07...which it shouldn't have showned up on the 21st that is why I am thinking I am further along.


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Congratulations! If that came back a strong positive on what you thought was cycle day 21, you are likely at least a month further along than you thought, and maybe two. You must be one of those gals who have very few early signs. No nauseous feelings at all? Start in with prenatal vitamins ASAP, and check in with the clinic or doc for your first ultrasound. Good luck!


phillygir1 - February 28

Well, the first response line was light and right after i took two ditigal tests and they came back pregnant. I feel bloated and my b___bs are hurting but other than that, i guess i am ok. I took a test in the beginning of february and it was negitive...i think i took it feb 9th and it was negitive. what now?


tk07 - March 1

maybe you ovulate really early so the egg implanted early and you got a positive early! call the Dr to make an appt to get a blood test done maybe. tell them you are pregnant and want your hormone levels checked, that is what i did! good luck!



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