Peeing At The Doctors Office

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leslie - June 30

ok, my problem is that everytime that i go to the doctor's office and I have to pee in the little cup (which I hate!) I end up staying in the bathroom for like 10 min..its kind of embarrrasing, there is girls waiting for me to get out lol! so anyway last time I went and I couldn't pee, so they said not to worry to do it after I met with the doctor, well I had my normal visit and then I totally forgot!! How bad is this? Is it very important for them to check my urine every 4 weeks? I also have to say that the nurse did the glucouse (sp) test that day so I got very nervous(I hate niddles) and forgot all about peein


me too - June 30

Yeah I know what you mean, I forgot to leave a sample once too. My doctor said it wasn't a big deal that I forgot once, She just said to try and remember and from then on, she always reminds me before the appointments over "Did you leave a sample?"


belle - June 30

I have a bashful bladder. I can't seem to pee on command. Even if I have to go sooooo bad!!! Thankfully at my dr. they give me a cup to take home every visit and I just bring in my first pee of the day to my dr. appt. Maybe they could do that for you? I think it will be alright if they didn't test your urine one time. Anyway, good luck!


Heidi - June 30

I finally started to remember to slam a big bottle of water before I go like 30 minutes before I leave the house cus by the time they can see me, I gotta go!!!!!


Jen - June 30

I just try not to pee before my doctors visit.


leslie - June 30

its very hard for me to hold my pee until I get there. I will ask for a cup to take home in my next appt, thanks for the suggestion belle! And then its so funny there is something in my brain that the more I try the less I want to go, its very weird...


Kristin - June 30

When i went for my first visit they give every woman their own seelable cup, you are suppose to pee and bring it along and give it to them before they check everything. One they call your name they will say did you leave a sample or did you bring one, i always remember to go in and pee and leave it in the window for them. Routine i guess!


E - June 30

I am sure it's fine that you forgot. They have other measures for pre-eclampsia, like blood pressure. As long as your blood pressure was normal, I am sure you will be fine until the next visit. Wrap a string around your finger next time:) There will be a day when you pee 4 times at the office. You will be asking them to use the bathroom, not the other way around.


Karen - June 30

Well gee I just the opposite. When I start peeing I cant stop. I have enough urine to full about 50 cups LOL. My bladder gets out of control and I dont wait long to pee either . I guess drinking a lot of water helps.


C - June 30

What has embarra__sed me the last couple of times was the color of the urine I produced! Both times it was in the morning, and the traces of my prenatal vitamin were obviously still in effect -- and my urine was BRIGHT neon yellow. I will have to remember to slam a bunch of water next time.


lynnstress - June 30

I only had to pee at the first appointment - at 6 weeks! Had my 16 wk appointment on Tuesday, no peeing. But they measured me for the first time - finally kinda looking like I'm pregnant!


Jbear - June 30

My doc doesn't use the little cups. There's a bottle of test strips in the bathroom, and you just pee on the strip and only show it to the nurse if it changes color. I remember how embara__sing it was during my first pregnancy to have to walk down the hall carrying my little cup of pee. I was using the county clinic, and they would take the pregnant county jail inmates handcuffs and shackles...and they would have to take the lady deputy sheriff in the restroom with them. I always wondered how they managed to fill the cup with all of that going on. It was really amusing to me, even though I guess that was kind of wrong of me...


Lissi - June 30

I always forget and pee before I go to the appointment, so when I get there, there's not much left to give. I get nervous before appointments and I just have to go. I'm always terrified of missing the cup and peeing on the floor. Men have it so much easier!



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