Pelvic Discomfort Anyone

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candy - May 11

i will roll over in bed and my pelvic bone hurts a lil...and when i get up from sleepin or sittin for a while it feels stiff and hurts a lil too...ive had a 9 lb baby a yr ago so i am wonderin if that would have somethin to do with it....anyone else feel dont hurt all the time just then...oh and when i lift a leg to put it in to pants or shorts without stablizing myself......what yall think.....


R - May 13

I do the same thing...I wish someone would answer this b/c I would also like to know!!


Karen - May 13

I am 35 weeks and am feeling the same thing. I did have my appointment last night and asked the doctor and she said it is normal. She told me the baby's head is down that is why I am getting the pressure. I can't even put my pants on without my legs hurting so much and even walking does hurt a little also.


nelly - May 13

i have had these pains lately and especially when i bent over to grab something or open a drawer and that kinda thing and i read somwhere that the babys head was starting to engage in the pelvis and i guess thats why i am 30 weeks.


R - May 13

I asked a nurse and she said that it is also the ligaments stretching preparing our body for the birth...


Farru - July 19

Hi every one! Doctor here! the kind of pain you are describing it is due to streching of the ligaments which supports the uterus.This pain especially occur in the late trimester as the baby weight increases and the uterus has to support this extra weight.this kind of pain occurs when someone rolls over in bed or while standing/ sitting lifting ones leg.this is absolutely normal.for remedies/ prevention of pelvic discomfort go to this link


Lissi - July 19

I'm 33 weeks and I have exactly the same problem the same problem. It is due to the ligaments relaxing. I'm just hope it doesn't get any worse, because I heard that in some cases the pubic bones actually separate, making it too painful to walk.



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