Pelvic Exam On First Visit Pregnant

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curious - May 26

how many of you had to have a pelvic exam (pap smear) on your first visit. frankly, i don't see the need, and i'm considering telling my doctor (new) that i will refuse to take one. i've had an exam done w/in the past year, and i have no STDs or cervical/uterine related problems. i think it's just another way for the docs to make another $150.. not like they can tell how the baby's doing or anything lol.


m - May 26

I didn't. My dr. actually feels it is totally unnecessary. If I were you, I'd refuse it too. You don't need any dr. "invading your space", especially since you have no history of probs, etc. I think you're exactly right about the docs just looking for another $ to bill the insurance.


brittany - May 27

it really is important to have one, your doc has to check to make sure your cervix is strong enough to carry the baby and he has to check to make sure you will be able to succcesfully deliver the baby, also, they check for different things in the pap smear such as std's they dont check for with normal people! it is very important


s - May 27

I'm from the UK and my doctors told me I'd have to wait until 3 months after the baby is born to have a smear test!


Maleficent - May 27

I went ahead and had the exam at my first appointment because i had not had a vag exam in 18 months. and i'll definatly do the strep culture towards the end. other than that no one is checking out my snapper till i'm ready to push a baby out. you have the right to choose what you do and do not want to happen to your body, but do listen to what the doctor has to say, there may be reasons you havent thought of. i like to be informed on medical decisions on all sides before making a choice and hearing the doctor out is one of those sides.


Jen - May 27

Hi....aI know that in usa that a reason why a pelvic exam is done in early pregnancy is to check the cervix, they look for softness and it turns a bluish color-I really don't know what they use this for other than for confirmation.


curious - May 27

i know what they check for, and yes, it's primarily for STD's.. and i have one done every year. it's unecessary to have another, IMO. i would see the possible benefit for someone who has not had one in some time. the blueish color is just a way to confirm pregnancy.. but by 9 1/2 wks, if an ultrasound won't do that, there's something wrong! lol i think i will refuse. they'll just have to deal!


..... - May 27

It's very important to have one. I had one done at my first appt and they found abnormal cells on my cervix and come to find out I have a cancerous strain of HPV and probably had it for a long time but most of the time it won't show up until you are pregnant due to the change in hormones. Otherwise I had no clue. There are no symptoms. Since then I've had to have a colposcopy to watch the cells and I have to have another one done when I'm like 6 months pg to make sure they don't turn cancerous. I had no idea I had this and all my regular paps turned up normal. My doc said this is becoming very common in women and most don't know they have this or it won't show up until they are pregnant.


m --> curious - May 27

I'm with you, let them deal with it. You already had one done, and seriously, it is NOT necessary. Regular pap smears are beneficial mainly to check the cells for cancer. If something else arises during your pregnancy that warrants a check, then I'd do it. But my doc feels there's no reason for him to put his hand in there or sc___pe any tissue, especially in the first trimester.


JB - May 27

I had a pap done in August and went to the DR in December for a pregnancy test. He did not require me to have another pap done, thankfully.


clg - May 27

A pap at your first visit is extremely important!! They do not just check for std's! They also check for cancerous cells and to make sure your cervix is closed!. My doctor also checks the size of your Uterus to make sure it measures up to your due date.


ummmmmmmmmm.. - May 28

Why not just do it and get over it-if the only thing your concerned about is the money-and not the well being of your child and yourself maybe you shouldn't have one. And no, the main reason for paps on a yearly basis is more for abnormal cervical cells-cancers, etc. If you think that you get checked for std's once a year is the reason you get paps-maybe you should read up on it. Labor is expensive too, you could cut the cost of that by giving birth in a tub! It's rediculous-towards the end of your pregnancy there going to be up there all the time poking around-so you might as well get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!



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