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ASA - August 8

Can someone please tell me what this pencil test is? I have never heard of it and I am on baby number 3.


Lissi - August 8

Pencil test? Do you mean the test to tell whether or not you're b___bs are sagging? Or is it something different to do with pregnancy?


tiffani~92 days to go!! - August 8

The only pencil test I know of is the one where you put a pencil under your b___st. If the pencil is held in place and does not fall, you have some saggy b___bs. If the pencil falls, you're still doing okay in the perkiness department. :o)


Lissi - August 8

Well, I failed already, and I'm only on baby no.1. :(


P - August 8

What does it mean when your baby's arm gets stuck under your b___b? I'm in trouble aren't I? lol


Lissi - August 9

Lol! Oh dear P! Huge trouble!


ASA - August 12

If it has anything to do with b___st, I don't want to take it. I thought maybe it had something to do with guessing the gender of the baby. Like I said I have never heard of it. Does anybody know of any test for gender guessing? I go for an ultrasound at the end of this month or early next month and I can't wait to find out what it is.


Lizzi - August 12

I think you might be thinking of the test with the threaded needle in an eraser on the end of a pencil and u dangle it above the wrist. and depending on what way it moves after it circles is the gender. im not quite sure about all the details but theres another post somewhere on here that explains alot of it. i have also heard of a similar test done with cotton and a solid gold ring! good luck!


Sceptic - August 12

Those tests don't work and only have a 50% success rate. They're ok for fun, but if you're using them to get an accurate result, then you may as well just take a guess right now. What do you think it'll be? Boy or Girl?


LISA*9 - August 14


sunshine9579 - August 16

Hi. Crazy as it may sound there is a lot of truth to this. You start with a no. 2 pencil with eraser. Put a needle in the eraser and thread it. Hold it very still over the wrist of the one that is pregnant and wait. It may take a minute or so for it to move, but you will be able to see it very clearly, weather it is moving in a circle or a line. Circle means girl and straight line in either direction across the wrist or back and forth from elbow to hand means boy. Your probably wondering how I know, or why I'm so sure. My grandfather raised birds for a living and unless you have a bird surgically s_xed you don't know what the s_x is. He used to do the pencil test because is was much less expensive. I know your not a bird, but he used it on my grandmother with every child that they had in a time when there was no way to scientifically tell what the s_x was. He never guessed wrong. Same with all the grandchildren and all the great grandchildren. I have been doing it at work for my friends who are very anxious to find out what they are having without having to wait till almost five months to be able to see on the ultrasound, so far I'm five for five. Good luck with your testing.


Dustie - August 16

I don't believe in things like this but someone did the pencil test on me and she was right, it's a Boy. She has never been wrong.


Carrie - August 22

How does the pencil test work? How do you do the pencil test?


lilindian9 - December 5

I'm 35 and never been pregnant, and I have done the pencil test and it went crazy. One minute in went side to side, circle, side to side, circle, side to side. The next time I did it, it went up & down alot. The third time I did it, it went back to the side to side again.I had done this all in 10min time. My right arm it went up & down fast. So what does all of this mean?


CLynne - January 30

My mom taught me this, and everyone I have tryed it on it has been correct, but it is all for fun and of course ultrasound is the best true predictor. Contrary to the way alot of people on this forum say it works, the way we predict, and has been correct follows. Stick a needle in a pencil eraser, with a thread thru it hold the thread and position pencil tip to hover slightly above either wrist, a circle stands for a boy, and a line signifies a girl, needle will stop moving and just hover when finished. I have a boy and my second child was a girl, and this for-fun test predicted them in order. My husband is a non believer, and calls this Kansas voodoo, but can't explain the results or when he watches it being done he can't believe his eyes!! It is so funny!



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