People Always Look At Me Funny

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JJ - July 21

I am 23 years old and 20 weeks pregnant. I am starting to show a lot more now and since it's summer I always wear tank tops, plus I am happy about being pregnant and want to show it off except I ALWAYS see people looking at my stomach funny. I may look a little bit younger than I am, but everyone looks at me like I am an alien or something. Haven't they ever seen a pregnant person??? I always try to show them my wedding rings so they know i'm not 12 but my god I am starting to feel umcomfortable to go anywhere. Does this happen to anyone else??? Just curious!!


jan - July 21

yes!! I am 22 and people give me funny looks too, plus it doesn't help that my fingers are too fat to wear my wedding rings so I just have a plain gold band. But I will tell you what, don't let them spoil your fun, whenever I get the looks I just stare right back at them, smile and rub my protruding belly. why should you be ashamed of the little miracle youre carrying around?


KEEKEE - July 21

Just annoy them. They are probably jealous of your beautiful belly. People did the same to me. I would rub my belly and smile. Congrats on your pregnancy


KEEKEE - July 21

The last time I was pregnant, I was 28 years old. I also couldn't fit my wedding rings. I must look young (Teen boys try to holla) I would even talk to my belly. "Look Sweetie!! People are staring at us"....heeehee....That really turned them red......heeeheee....Enjoy your pregnancy!!


jan - July 21

right on kee kee, and JJ, if you need something to cheer you up, check out "THE DUDE FORUM" going on in the -general questions about pregnancy- right now, it made me laugh.


KEEKEE - July 21

I know!!!! I made a comment as soon as I read it. I had to mess with him..Hey, i live in a rubber room...heeehee...I warned him about the nuts......heeeheee


Christina - July 21

Yep!! I am 24 and I have the same problem!! I am 35 weeks though so I look like a 12 year old blimp! :) I also try to flash my wedding band so they know, but yep I feel your pain. My husband is like who cares what people think, but I still hate it!


HDF - July 21

More than likely people are not staring because you may look young. You must remember not so long ago (just 20 years ago) women hid their stomachs when they were pregnant. It's hard for some older women to understand that you're walking around with your belly showing.


JJ - July 21

Oh good I'm glad i'm not the only one!!! I am just going to stare at them back. The fact that I look down and just try to show my wedding band probably makes them look more. So I am going to rub my belly and stare right back at them. LOL!!! That dude only forum is funny!!!!!


Jodie - July 21

Ignore them, i was 20 when i got pregnant with my first and learnt to ignore the looks, i looked alot younger than what i was, now at 30 i still look a lot younger and as soon as someone hears that im not having my first and how old my other 2 are i get very strange looks once again, but i dont care, im happy with who i am and d__n proud to be pregnant if they have a problem with it then thats their problem not mine


Heather - July 21

I am 22 and ttc - I have been worried about people stares and what they might thnk. People are so judgmental!


t - July 21

i am 25 and i have a 2 year old and i am pregnant i look like i am about 18 so people look at me like i crazy but i do not care. if i was 18 it is still non of there business


Jess - July 21

JJ, I know what you mean. I am not showing yet but can imagine what is going to happen when I am. I am 27 and have been mistaken for 12. I don't think I look that young, but probably could easily pa__s for a 15 year old. Don't let others judgements of you get you down. Be proud to be pregnant, stick that belly out as far as you can and stare right back at them, lol. Good luck.


klm - July 21

Just a your stomach covered, or are you wearing a short top. I find my self unconsciously staring at women when the have their pregnant stomach uncovered because I feel like it is something I am not supposed to be able to see. Personally, I think it looks a bit tacky and I would never walk around with my pregnant tummy exposed, but hey, if you feel comfortable with it.....


Eryn - July 21

OMG I have found my double! I am also 23 and I look like I am 12. I am only 4'11 so that doesen't help. I just recently got engaged (July 1st) So I always try to show my ring but I still get the looks. It sucks but I know I will appreciate looking young eventually.


lilmum - July 22

I just turned 22, and i'm having my second. I get some weird looks just pushing a stroller around, and comments like "aw he's adorable, i bet you never want to give him back to his mom".. Now that i'm pregnant too, some people just don't know what to think. I don't seem to need to go out to get bothered by it, I still get people going door-to-door asking if my mom or dad is home! And then they snicker when i say "no, this is my house!" (needless to say, i don't buy much from door-to-door salespeople). It could be worse, we could be 22 and look 40. :P


melissa - July 22

i know exactly how you feel. I am only 21 but people look at me like im still in high school or something and to make matters worse my husband is 20 and looks so young he has a baby face, so people see us walking together in the mall or something and give us funny looks. Sometimes i want to say look we have been married for over 2 years and this baby was totally planned. thanks!



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