Period And Still Pregnant

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m - March 9

Is it possible to be pregnant and still get your period when you were expecting it?


sarah - March 11

m, I'm wondering the same thing...anyone have any answers for us???


tara - March 11

Yes, it's possible. I have known 2 women who had thier period up to the third month of pregnancy. 1 didn't even know she was pregnant becuase she was using protection, got pregnant but was getting her periods up to the 3rd month. So yes, it has been known to happen.


Andrea - March 11

Yes, very possible, and from what I can gather, FAR more common than women are led to believe by their doctors and the western medical community.


jennifer - March 21

I think you can but the period would have to be much lighter (brown or light pink) in color and last much shorter than usual this would be considered implantation bleeding Not all women experience this but some do What would make you think if you or having your period that you were in fact pregnant? You know your body and if you feel strongly that you are pregnat even though you have gotten your period or if your period just doesn;t seem right than my best advice is to take a pg test That is the only sure way to know Good luck with things turning out the way you would like them too! :)


Tammy * - March 22

I am going on week 11 and i went to the doctor because i have had my period expect for 1 time and he told me that it was totally normal


Teena - March 22

It is possible. I had my period the full pregnancy and it was bright red. The doctors said that it does happen and not to worry if it is not accompanied by cramps and all the bad stuff that can go along with a miscarriage. I now have a healthy baby boy.


Aimmee - March 23

So how do you figure the due date if you did have some type of implantation bleeding? I think in Feb I did and no peiod this month.


Meri - March 24

Yes!! A very good friend of mine was prego for three months without knowing b/c she was still getting her period... Good luck!! =)


Meri - March 24

I had a very good friend who got her period for 3 months and was prego... She had no idea =) Good luck Girlies!!!


Janelle-27 - March 24

Okay so now the follow up question is will it come on at the same time I had a weird period that showed up very late...3 weeks to be exact it was only 2 and a 1/2 days bright red during the day and then over night and on the last day it was brown... this was on Feb 25 & 26. Had IB I think on Feb 4th AF was due to come on Feb 6th...someone help I didn't get it yet for march and I am waiting to see what tomorrow brings but I am not PMSing as I usually do, ask my coworker!!! same thign last month no early PMS signs...


Daniella - April 6

I'm dealing with this same thing now. I ALWAYS get my period on Monday's, I didn't have anything and tuesday afternoon i started to bleed, but there was alot of brown, and some pink. Then i got ma__sive cramps which usually means i'll have it full force and it was the same...When i woke up this morning it was heavy but i think that's b/c i slept for like 7 hours last night. Now it's a pinkish red (mostly pink) and i feel deep down that i am pregnant but have a fear that i won't be b/c of my period. As far back as i can remember, I've never had it like this. It's nice to see other women are going through this too...I don't know what to do.


sara - April 7

I have missed a period last month it only lasted 4 days and it was light pink and brown color and than this month i got my period but it don't feel like my reglar period and i have a feeling that i am pregnant becuase we don't use no protection for a long time now if you could just give me some ans please . I call the doctor office and they don't seem that they can give me any information at all what i want to know about i don't have any kids right now but i am trying to get that way though.


Steph - April 7

I had mine with my 2nd pregnancy up until my 5th month of pg. Anyone having this should be consulted by a Dr. It was the strangest thing I've ever encountered being pregnant. Its very unusual but yes it happens! Good Luck


Sue Rogers - April 12

i don't know i had my period last month but i am scared to tell my mother because i feel she want understand. i had my period for about 4 days and then it turned brown. my boyfriend says i am not pregnant but i think i am


jocelyn Wright - April 27

I got my period but it only lasted for 3 days and it usually stays for about 5 days I think i'm pregnant but i doubt it. I also have some signs my lower back hurts, my stomach cramps,i'm sleepy, and i constanly urine but i don't think i'm pregnant.


Christy - April 27

I was having morning sickness and totally thought that I was pregnant. I was two days late and than my period came and so I called my doctor and asked if I still could be pregnant and she said there is no way you can be pregnant and have your period. But I have heard of women who are pregnant and have bleeding. I don't think that it is a period though. It is kind of like break through bleeding??



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