Period As Expected For Last 2 Months But Ligher Still Pregnant

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confused - September 12

i had s_x in july..july i got a period that was lighter then usual and signs like tiredness nausea peeing more...then i got a period in august on the 23rd when expected but still light..i started exercising alot in july as well. also i have taken 10 pregnancy tests and 4 were done at a clinic and they were neg but i thought that one had a faint positive but then i retested in the morning and it was a clear you think i'm ok??


jj - September 10

sweetheart, your freaking yourself out! 10 tests..... your not prego. your stressing yourself out and your mind is playing tricks on you. just take this as a reminder to practice SAFE s_x!


Viv - September 10

If you got pregnant in mid July you would be 8 weeks and close to hearing a fetal heartbeat by now. As skinny as you are your belly would feel different. I have heard many stories of negative tests, but not that late. A lot of exercise can cause light periods. How about other symptoms like sore b___sts, bowel problems and v____al discharge, and are they continuing to this day?


confused - September 11

i just got sore b___sts around the time i would ovulate in september and i feel like my b___bs are bigger but i am also a teen so i just tell myself that they are just growing. but i am also very tired but i still can exercise to my top level and i also pee alot..i dont know i'm just scared. and i know i know...use protection!


Viv - September 11

Some women say they get sore b___sts when they ovulate, and some get a cramp in the ovary for a couple of hours. If you ovulated in September then you are not pregnant from July. The exercise regime you are following is certainly doing things to your body that make it hard to know what is going on. Can you back off a notch or two?


confused - September 11

thanks so much viv for being so nice and helping me out....what kind of "changes" would be happening to my belly?? i dont understand what a hard stomach will it be rock hard? and also my b___sts are no longer sore anymore which i might see as a good thing but still dont understand why they hurt this early but only for 3 or 4 days. also i ran 9 miles this morning (yeah i'm crazy!) and my lower back had a dull persistent ache in it. would i get some sort of cramps if i was pregnant kind of as a warning signal when exercising to not exercise so much??


? - September 12




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