Period High And Soft Cp Weird Bbt Possibly Pregnant

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Erin - February 27

ok, here's the long story and if you know ANYTHING about any part of it, please respond. I have been plotting my BBT and my temp increased after I ovulated, then I had a dip after 7 days (Possible sign of implantation) and then it increased again to a third level for 19 days total after ovulation. I got my period which was heavy and watery the first day. The following 3 days it was very light. It was all about 2 days shorter than usual. When I got my period, my temp dropped, and 4 days later it is a little higher than it is supposed to be, but not as high as it right before my period. I have been feeling nauseous, tired, bloated, and my br___t are sore (But that could be from my period) My cervix is softer and higher than usual as well. Does anyone have any information or suggestions about this? I took HPTs 1 day before my period actually came and it was neg, but could i actually be pregnant? I know this is long, but if anyone can share anything, I would appreciate it.


Bump - February 28



tiffani - February 28

I don't know anything about charting your BBT's so i'm afraid I can't help where that's concerned. I have done quite a bit of research on cervical position and basically everything i've read says you can't use the position as a sign of pregnancy, because it varies so much from woman to woman. You have pregnancy symptoms that mirror PMS symptoms, so my best advice would be to wait it out and test when your period is a week late. The waiting is hell, I know. :o)


jacy - March 7

Hi Erin I have a similar situation going on right now, but let me give you the background--I have been charting for 12 months. I had my period start on 12/24 and then on 1/3 I had some heavy spotting (which had NEVER happened to me before) so I called my doctor and they had me go for a blood test to see if I was pregnant--in the mean time I took a HPT and got a positve--the blood test confirmed it and I had another blood test 2 days later to make sure my HCG was doubling. During all this time I continued to chart my temps and they remianed high--well my HCG level went down on the next blood test and I miscarried. So we tried again in Feburary and I had 17 days of high temps post-ovulation and when my period was 3 days late I tested but got a negative then my period started 2/27 but only lasted 3 days (usually lasts 5) and wasn't very heavy--but my temps continue to stay high--I am going to take another HPT today or tomorrow. Have you found out if you are pregnant? Our situations are similar--is there anyway you would be willing to email me? [email protected]



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