Period If Pregnant

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melewis - February 25

is there any possible way you can have a period if pregnant my periods or always on time its never ever late but ive been ttc and this mounth it was 5 days late and came but very very light bleeding for 3 days not enough to fill a pad and i had no clots or anything like usual could i be pregnant


intuition11 - February 25

yes, you can get what appears to be period-like bleeding even if you are preggo. This is common in the first trimester of pregnancies. So you could be preggo. I've been reading on these forums awhile and seen numerous cases where women who had gotten their "period" turned out to be preggo. If your hormone levels aren't high enough yet, the tests will come back posistive even when the woman is preggo. Some women need to have the pregnancy confirmed with a blood test. I have also heard of cases where babies were born to women who had never gotten a positive result on either urine or blood tests. I would test again in a couple of days with first morning pee. If you skip the next period, have a repeat of this month or have any other worriesome symptoms, and still get negative results, I would see a doctor. Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.


Amy Serena - March 1

im going through the same thing. my last period was 5 days late and it was just a little lighter than normal. i had some prego symptoms for a week or so before it started and i thought they would be gone once i got AF. i still have sensitivity to some smells (like iron) and ive been sleeping longer and still tired. all my tests were negative and im afraid that im not pregnant, just like every other time i thought i was and ended up not being. i guess i will just have to wait and see. i havent gotten sore b___bs or anything, but the sensitivity to smell is really annoying. before AF i had dry/sore throat, starving even after i ate alot, light cramps, stuff like that. id like to know whether you are infact prego. good luck, hun!!



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