Period Or Implantation Bleeding

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jncruz02 - March 8

Ok, I have some questions, so if anyone has answers, help me out. I recently got the flu and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. During those 5 days me and my DH decided we would start TTC, so we didnt use any protection. I eventually stopped taking my BC also a couple of days after the antibiotics. I am about 7 days away from my period and I started spotting light brownish pink yesterday with cramps and alot of fatigue. Today when I woke up I had (sorry for TMI..) bright red blood and clots, Im trying to figure out since stopping my BC and taking the antibiotics, is my period just being thrown out of wack or could this be implantation bleeding? If so, should I take a test soon? Any Advice would be helpful! Thanks


jncruz02 - March 8



roseyjen - March 8

I don't think I can offer much in the way of advice, as i don't know much about implantation bleeding. However, I have heard imp bleeding is usually very light and no clots. I know the pill can throw a lot out of whack. I think most home tests can hopefully tell you something about 3-4 days before missed period. HOWEVER, I know some people won't get a + even after their period should have it could be you have to wait a week and take a test. Frustrating to wait, I know. Sorry I can't give more advice, but hopefully there is someone here who has had a similar experience.


Naomi98 - March 9

Sounds like your period has come a bit early. It's normal after bc. Implantation bleeding is more like spotting, not flow. It might take a few cycles for your period to regulate. Just keep a note of how long your cycles are from now on and maybe try charting for a few months to pinpoint your ovulation day. Good luck!


jncruz02 - March 10

Yeah, I think I'm going to try a test in a week or so, if my "scheduled" period doesn't come, and if I get a bfn, Ill just try for next month. I just wasn't sure if it is the meds and stopping the bc that would do it, or if was possible that I might have and IB since I read on some of the other forums that some women had heavier IB and cause it was so close to an ovulation date. Thanks for the help!


jncruz02 - March 12

Little update: so the bleeding, spotting, or whatever it was, stopped today. It only lasted 3 days. Now I'm due for my "real" period in 3 days. We are TTC, so I'm really hoping that that was IM and not an early start on the period. I've also been SO tired! I'm just wondering if we could have concieved that soon from stopping BC. Has anyone else experienced that? Thanks!


Naomi98 - March 12

It's definitely possible to conceive on the first cycle after b/c. If you think the last bleeding wasn't a period, maybe try waiting a few days and then test if still not sign of a period. For the first 6 months off b/c my cycle was short (26 days) but it's different for everyone I guess.



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