Period Pain 2 Weeks Before Af Due

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lalya - March 31

hi, me and my partner are rying for a baby and we had intercourse oon the days that i ovulated. im not due untill 11th april, but for the last few days i have had a dull period pain in my abdomen and slight back ache. we keep getting our hopes up every month and i am wondering if anyone else has had this and been pregnant? i have a 28 day cycle.


lalya - March 31

oh yes i forgot to mention i have really sharp stabbing like pains that are shooting upwards on my right side only last a couple of seconds at a time. Never had sharp pains like these befor from the area that they are coming from. baby dust to everyone.x


pippa - April 3

hi i have similar symptoms and the mid cycle pain could be the egg implanting in the uterus. I had this with my first child and the pain was quite acute. still had af pains but no af. Although i have experienced similar pain recently and have been actively ttc for 6 months but good luck


lalya - April 3

aw thank you for replyig. I really hope that it is!! We have been trying to conceive for 7 months now so fingers crossed for both of us.(and anyone else). Its so dissapointing every month when you stare for ages at the preg test and only one line appears. you even hold it up to the light holding onto every bit of hope that another line will miraclasy appear!! I have been getting back ache to lower down did you get that? the sharp pains have worn off abit but i still feel like im going to come on. when are you due? i posted my post last week and i am due on 10th April. Maybe we could wait together. Good luck. I have a 5 year old son already and i cant remember anything about my symptoms!!! x


Michaela - April 3

Hey lalya.When, I went to the doctor when I was bout 6 weeks pregnant,I had the same of kind of pains, he said it is very common and it is your ligaments strecthing.But, before I even knew I was pregnant I had period cramps in my lower abdomen and back pains and I was no,please don't come period.I checked like every hour and no period.It is very normal as long as there is no unbareable pain and bleeding.I'm 26 weeks pregnant now with a baby boy.Good Luck!


lalya - April 3

Thats promising feedback thank you michaela. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have a really achy feeling right now as i type quite irritating like someone is sitting on my lower abdomen very strange dosent hurt just really irritating!! I have a week today to wait and see if af arrives! I will be the happiest person alive if i am preggers. Good luck with your babe.xx


Michaela - April 3

Your welcome Lalya.You know you can get a first response early pregnancy test kit it can be preformed up to 5 days before your period is due.I couldn't wait any longer so I took it 6 days before my period was due,I was only at 30 DPO. That is my gallery and stuff,go all the way down to the bottom,and you will see a picture of my result.Thanks! And, your very welcome!


Michaela - April 3

Take the hypen out of gallery!


c - April 4

I am 10 weeks pregnant, i have had period pain every day for the entire 10 weeks, it feels exactly like the normal period pain i get with my periods. Both the midwife and doctor tell me its normal, and its because of the womb growing and stretching.


c - April 4

layla, i got the same heavy aching irritating feeling in lower abdomen, it lasted all day, the next day i found out i was pregnant. I also got backache and exactly the same feelings as when my period was about to start. i still get them now at 10 weeks


prayin4bfp - April 4

Hi Lalya, I have had the exact same feeling ever since I Ovulated. I am not sure when my period is due (I have irregular cycles) . I took an Answer Early test yesterday afternoon and it was positive within 3 minutes, then after a half hour I look at test line and it was disappearing. Today I took another test and it was negitive. So go figure, I am 11-12DPO so I guess I'll just wait it out.


lalya - April 4

Michaela-thank you for replying again! I have brought those before and i am scared to be let down again! I think that temptation will give in tho and i may get one! i will have a look at your gallery ;-)) C-congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I sure hope that my symtoms are as pleasing as yours turned out to be!!! Last night i couldnt sleep had a sharp pain on my right side and such back ache. Today its really achy too.I usually get sore b___bs before my period but never back ache like this. Fingers crossed that its not just because of my uncomfortable bed!!!! prayin4bfp-Bless you i bet you dont kno what to make of it!! Well ive heard a negative positive is very rare so i am b__wing babydust your way! When are you due for af? (or not!) Do you have backache too? I really hope that we are both pleasantly supprised,altho you have a positive already so i guess we will both have to wait! Will let you ladies know how i am getting on and would like to hear from you all again on your progress of growing babies and blue lines!! Good


rebecca - April 8

Hi, I have had two children and both times before my period was due I felt like I was getting my period, the normal symptoms were all there etc. but I was pregnant so don't worry as you still could be pregnant too!


lalya - April 9

well im due tomoro and today i have such bad lower back pain. Also i wiped myself thismorning and there was a slight brown tinge to it so i think i am coming on :-(


lalya - April 16

yes ladies i came on with revenge! better luck next month i guess. :-(:::::


Yuly - April 18

Today I am 5 days before my period is due.I couldn't wait any longer so how I know I am pregnant rigth now??


Marianne - April 20

I am six weeks pregnant. I have had barn door period pains since the week before the test became positive. I have had them all day every day since!! Every one keeps telling me they'tre just stretching pains but it's hard not to worry about them. I keep running to the loo, convinced that I'm going to start AF.



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