Period S On Milk Coming Out Of My Breast

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sarah - March 31

had an abortion 2 months ago,an I only was 6 weeks..................................


lee - March 31

really dont know what to tell you but it could be that you are pregnant


tara - March 31

If it has been 2 months and you are still having milk come you should get it checked out by a dr. soon. As I mentioned in another post there has been cases with mild coming out after a miscarriges - but 2 months seems a bit too long.


sarah - March 31

could it mean that she can be pregnant agine ,becouse its to long for it to still be coming out


lee - March 31

tara,it just started like two weeks ago but the abortion was in january,an got my period after that fine...


tara - April 1

If you had unprotected s_x then there is a possibility of being pregnant again and the milk could be due to that. Milk discharge in pregnancy usually doesn't strt 'till later, but in this case if you are pregnant again milk glands are still in the body and so the discharge could be becuased of that. Either way you should be going to the Dr to have this looked at - if it's not do to another preganncy I belive they can give you somthing to stop this.


tara - April 1

lee - did you post a similar question as well in which you mentioned you are not emotionally doing well? Here is a website that might help you.


Gwiip - April 1

You can produce milk when not pregnant lactaion post miscarrage or D/C is common. It is also triggerd by emotions see a baby two years after the last time you lactated and if your brains in the right spot you will produce milk. It happend to me. My nipples started swelling while holding a friends baby. Other frends have actally leaked in public while holding somebody elses baby. Milk not used will dry up, don't milk your b___sts give them time to go down on thier own. Give yourself time for your brain and body to know there is no one to drink the milk. And don't be afraid to cry when all you want to do is feed someone and there is no-one to be feed your heart breaks. It's biolgical you can get over it. I did my friends did. So you cry in public when somebody says yor b___sts have shrunk. (like my sister did after her m/c) If the person loves you they will know why and understand.


Xaymi - May 2

Milk is coming out of my b___st, only my right b___st. Does this mean i am pregnant? Im certain it is not pus or anything, because it coimes out white and liquid like milk?


venus - May 5

I have stop b___st feeding in august of last year but I have milk in my chest still I have tried the cabbage thing is there anything else i can try?


lee - July 16

i have b___st milk for 7 months andgetting my period i am nauseated and have my tubes tied


tara - July 17

Hi my name is nicole . i reallyu dont know if im pregnant but milk is coming out what odes that mean . if u are on your period can u still be pregnat and also can u get pregnant when u do something when u are on it.



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