Periods And Pregnancy

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Winky - June 2

Long storey short - Missed one pill (took it next day), around the 3rd week(i usually ovulate around the 2nd week). Had s_x (with long term bf, no protection used) within the next few days. Since then My periods have been very lite, and off time (early..) and brown (never fully developing into the usual flood). I have been having slight pregnany symtoms. I took a pregnancy test around 4 weeks after and it was negative. I have seen my doctor recently, due to the periods being "off" and my weight gain (up a dress and a bit in 4 weeks.- no diet change, excersiing 4 days a week). Im waiting for blood test results to come back on my thyroid, however, would like to know other womens views on the subject: Is it possible to have lite (brown discharge) periods (even 28 days) whilst pregnant. My symtoms include: fatigue, sore br___ts, cravings (small), peeing often (more so than usual) and weight gain. My gut feeling is saying "you feel pregnant" (this would be my first). What are your thoughts? Thanks in Advance for your views!


Gwen - June 2

Hi Winky. I had the same thing happen! I am on the pill and right before I should have had my period in May I started spotting brown old blood. It was so light I hardly even needed a panty liner (sorry tmi!). That lasted on and off for 2 weeks and then nothing. There was never a real period (and never any fresh blood). I was having some symptoms too. My doctor said to stay on the pill (which I did) and I just got a normal period today. So I basically skipped my period in May, which has never happened in the 9 years I've been on the pill. I had also taken a few hpts and they were all BFN. I know it's hard, but you'll just have to wait another month to find out. Good luck and keep me posted!


Gwen - June 2

Oh, and I forgot to say that they tested my thyroid and all of my hormones and they were all normal. I guess it was just a fluke of nature!


winky - June 2

Hi Gwen! Thanks for your answer! I am awaiting the results of the blood test for hypothyroidism, so this may be the answer to all the symtoms. OR I could be prengant! Who knows?! I'll keep you posted. If I did get a BFP It would be a wonderful suprise - just a little earlier than the BF and I were hoping for!!


ivy - June 3

Well w my first pregnancy I had my period for two months but not regular full periods. A little brown spotting and some blood but for about three or four days and I was already two months pregnant. My daug is preg and she had her period also. So there might be a possibility. Since those home pregnancy are not reliable I will get the blood test done asap to find out for sure that way there migth be no doubt wether you are or not and you can either start plans for the new baby or just to know one way or the other and not have the uncertainty of not knowing. Have a bless day.


Winky - June 3

Hi Ivy- Thanks for responding. Its interesting to know your daughter has the smae issues you did! I will hopefully find out friday if I have a BFN or BFP. Thanks!!


Mardi21 - June 16

I had s_x while I was on my I at a higher risk of getting pregnant?


Beth - June 16

My friend missed just one pill and found out she was pregnant soon after... I wish you the best!


Winky - June 16

So..after weeks (I would be 10 weeks by now) I had 4 BFN. My doctor has changed me pill and tested my thyroid (which is fine). So it seems the pill was screwing withmy body :)



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