Periods And Pregnancy

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Jessica - November 8

Can you be on your period and still be pregnant? And if so then how can you tell you are preg.? I have lots of the symtoms, I do have some very heavy bleeding more so then my reg. periods, also much more crampy then normal. Could this be implantation bleeding or a very heavy period? When is a good time to test?


Denise - November 9

I don't have any real good answers, just support. I too had my period, heavy and very late, but still feel very preg. MANY symptoms and body changes etc, yet i had a period........ I have done much research and it does happen, but it's very rare. I am now just trying to be very careful and avoid any medications etc. that could do harm and wait it out until my next cycle is due, if I can stand it ;-) Lets try to stay in touch and let eachother know how it turns out........Good luck!!


Jessica - November 9

Denise: Thanks for your support, I am not sure how I am feeling, I guess I just feel a little confused, My husband and I been trying to get pregnant since June, and I do have a lot of the symptoms but also my period (or implantation bleeding) I just want to know for sure, do you think I should take a test? Or should I wait it out like you are planning to do? I really want to be pregnant and I am afraid that the symptoms I have are all in my head. Thank you for listening, it nice to have someone who cares.


St - November 9

That sounds more like a miscarriage to me. I had one about 2 months ago, and about 5 days after I was late for my period, I started bleeding heavier than my normal period and cramping a lot more. After a few days it went away, and then a few days after that my other symptoms left. Hope you're okay though.


Denise - November 9 are welcome......What are your actual symptoms... some can be missed "diagnosed" or confused with PMS Vs. pregnancy, but others are some what "tell all" preg. If you are not having extremely heavy or more so clotting, then I wouldn't so much worry that it is a miscarriage. BUT... implantation bleeding is usually light and not heavy or red.... mostly brown even, so it is most likely Not implantation......But people do have "periods" like, and go on to have a healthy ,normal pregnancy and baby... ....I would wait on the test.......are you done bleeding yet? If so, wait a few days and try then, I have been told by my Dr. to wait until your next cycle is due and take another test then. Also.... after the bleeding is ALL done, see if all the symptoms come back, if they do... then do a test, if they seem to "go away" with your period... then It probably wasn't.....Best of luck!!!!!!!! (just so you know, I have been trying for Years.....This in no way makes me an expert, but I will help if I can) :-)


Jessica - November 9

Denise: I think that is is probably just my period, it is much heavier then normal, but I think it is just wishful thinking on my part to be pregnant...I also don't think that this is a miscarriage, there isn't any clotting. Have you ever experenced a miscarriage? I hear they a very symptoms are: triedness, crampy, sore b___sts, my stomach feels like it is getting a little bigger....I sleep on my stomach a lot and now it feels uncomfortable too. (but that could be anything) You must know with trying to get pregnant for years that this can be so frustrating, and that is what I am just frustrated. I hope that you find out next month that you are pregnant. You may not be a expert, but you are helping me!!!



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