Pet Behavior When Owner Is Pregnant

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Caitlin - March 12

Has anyone out ther had pets that acted extremely mushy (you know, like all over you), when you were pregnant?


vanessa - March 13

I actually hear this quiet often from women so I'm thinking it's pretty common. Are you experiencing that right now? Do you already know your pregnant or is this a "sign" for you?


~M~ - March 14

YES! My cat is extremely effectionate right now. I thought he just loved me...


chel - March 14

I had the opposite reaction with my cat and my first child. He would lay on my stomach and when she would move, he would hiss! He never liked me again.


lori - March 16

i dont know if i am pregnant or not we are wiating to find out but i heard that your pet is extremely attached. i dont know like i said but everyday in the morning before i leave my house my dog lays on my stomach and sleeps


Tri - March 16

My cat has always been affectionate, but every since I have been pregnant (16 weeks) she spends her nights sleeping curled up beside my tummy, and sleeps there all night...before she used to prowl around the house. She will also come up and rub my tummy when I get home from work or wherever. So, yes, I would say, depending on the bond you have with your animals, it can definitely happen. She has also started eating weird foods like mayo, pepperoni, and chicken nuggets, and sweettarts...if she goes into false labor when I go into labor, i'm going to LMAO.....


D - March 16

Tri - you gotta tell us if that happens! It would be hilarious! you might have to keep a videocamera handy!


~S~ - March 16

"if she goes into false labor when I go into labor, i'm going to LMAO....." Hahahahah..That would be hilarious. What a sensitive cat you have.


Jamie - March 17

I've got a dog who has a nose for pregnant women - all of my friends know that if he cuddles excessively with them, they need to take a pregnancy test. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who didn't benefit from his amazingly accurate sense - I conceived in November, but haven't seen him since August. (I'm in the military, stationed in Germany - Doctor Dog is with my mother, back in the States)


Tri - March 17

Yeah, she is a really sweet cat, and we love her to death...I will feel bad for my hubby if she does go into false labor because he will be rushing around trying to figure out how to get us BOTH to the hospital! LOL...


HILARY - April 2



Nicola Salter - April 3

Hello, I have a dog and he's getting that way out now! I'm beginning to show and am 20 weeks now so hormones etc are more than before! I have also got friends who have said their pets became very protective! it's normal as far as i'm aware! x x


jasmin - April 3

i have heard that dogs and pets can be attracted to the colostrom in a womans b___st when they are pregnant. hope this helps.x


Gert - April 3

My dog (a boxer) kept guarding me from strangers and licking me. At first it was cute then annoying. He thought I was a pregnant b___h of his pack and I needed protecting. when I started falling over him I had to punish him for his behaviour it was so unfair he was just being protective like a boxer is supposed to do.


mand - April 3

pets feel something is happening to their owner and its their way of showing effection


Kristin - April 3

Absolutely! My mother's cat loves pregnant women!!!!


sara - April 4

I have a large dog. He's playing guardian more than ever now! Wherever I am, he'll sit as close as possible watching everything. He's also gotten really curious about what I'm doing all the time. He'll sit and watch me cook or read. Weird. It's really cute though.



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