Petite Plus 468lbs Might Be Preg

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Petite Plus Gal - November 1

Hi Ladies! I'm 5' 1", 468lbs and I might be preg. I know I'm on the plump side, =) and I'm wondering if there might be extra complications with the pregnancy and labor. Also, do I have to go to all the prenatal visits? I have a hard time getting around and out of the house much and I think it will be much harder as I get bigger with the pregnancy. Do midwifes make house calls?


Mica - November 1

Yes! You do need to go to all your pre-natal visits--VERY IMPORTANT! best to you!


klmr - November 1

That last person obviously never had a weight problem and her comment was rude, ignore it. See a doctor as soon as you can and they will be able to tell you the risks a__sociated with your pregnancy. You may want to start taking vitamins ASAP just in case you are pregnant. Best of luck to you.


klv - November 1

Obese women due usually end up having to have a c-section - although, no offense, as overweight as you are, I would think an operation would be rather dangerous as well. Also, I do hope you know you need to be getting up and around - hard time or not. Exercise (or just basic physical activity) is very important while pregnant! I hope you are making a plan to get this weight off because there is no way you can be the mother you need to be if you're saying you can't even leave the house for a doctor's appointment.


canon - November 1

Yes, you have to go to your prenatal appointments. Midwives make housecalls but when you need your sonograms you need to physically go to the OBGYNs for it. There will be special conditions for you as you are severly over weight. Extra weight gain for you will not be recommended.


Melissa - November 2

Sweetie..I feel awful for you.....and more awful for your child if you are pregnant! If indeed you are pregnant...I hope the news inspires you to get up and around and get as much activity and excercise as you can. Remember to eat healthy and to see your doctor! VERY IMPORTANT! need to go over your health risks and birth plan options. Remember that you are going to need all the energy you can get once this baby comes into the world.And as your child are going to have to keep up and you arent going to be able to do that if you are obese. That will surely break your heart!.....Do all you can to make sure you can be as healthy as you can be when the baby gets here......and some girls are right...maybe gastric bypa__s might be an option after the baby is born. It will take awhile to heal...but you should have great results and energy afterwards!...Anyways...take care!


to Pet_tie Plus Gal - November 2

Could I ask why you think that you're pregnant. It's just that i know a woman who was overweight and thought she was pregnant after a couple of missed periods. It turned out that she missed the periods because she was overweight and had simply stopped ovulating. I would definately reccommend visiting a doctor though to check out what is going on and get some advice


js - November 2

I can;t believe some of the c___p on here I am reading!!! If you can't help, shut up. To Pet_te - My best friend was a touch over 400 lbs and even though had a hard time getting around, made it a point to go to the doctor for the appts. She had a NORMAL HEALTHY baby boy, born VAGINALLY. And, he was a normal birth weight. Tune the ingoramus' out and listen to your doctor. Complications you might face is high blood pressure which needs to be controled by a doctor for the safety of the baby. Best of luck to you!!!!


sandi - November 2

i cant believe some of the nonsense I am reading on here. Some people are very cruel. ALthough it is true that being overweight can affect the whole process, pregnancy can still occur. I myself have always had a weight problem and I have stopped ovulating and taking periods. i am desperate for another baby but I know it will happen eventually as I have had two children. And to whoever said overweight women crush the baby!!! What a lot of c___p!!! There have been studies done recently which suggest that it is better to be overweight and healthy than underweight, undernourished and unhealthy. Obviously there are more risks for overweight women but the doctors are there to advise. they may want to keep on top of your blood pressure, etc. Try and keep active and eat sensibly. And if you are pregnant - then congratulations and enjoy the whole process. There is plenty time to lose the pounds when the baby comes along - b___stfeeding helps and also all the running around, walking with the pram etc, so dont listen to any nasty comments on here. Babydust to all. and yes midwifes do make house calls.


to Pet_te Plus Gal - November 2

Sorry if I came across as insulting, I was merely asking a question based on information that I knew from an actual person as opposed to hearsay and rumour. For all I know you may believe that you are pregnant due to a whole bunch of symptoms. If you are pregnant then good luck to you and I hope that you are very happy with your baby.


SAD - November 2

She hasn't even posted back....wonder if it is because she is feeling bad about herself after all these comments!!! To come on here and state her weight looking for answers and you all are quick to jump on her, YOU DONT THINK SHE KNOWS SHE HAS A PROBLEM!!!!!! Obvoiusly many of you don't know the issues that come from being overweight!! You ladies are rude and make me sick-no wonder our society is the way it is!!!! Incouragement is what she needs right now, not critics-negative comments don't help an overweight person get motivated if that is what some of you think-it only makes matters worse. TO pet_te-for your situation I would first call around and explian your situation to see if you can be accommated. Some ob offices are understanding. But, as vital as prenatal visits are, you need to find out soon as your pregnancy is going to need special attention. I wish you the best of luck!!!!


Amy - November 2

Hi these people on here are down right rude i'm plus size 251 and 5' 7 and have had 3 healthy kids ans one on the way it can be done


sandi - November 2

Yes SAD, i agree with you. Us women come on her looking for support and we definitely dont need morons abusing the thread. Why bother coming on here just to be nasty and uncaring. I feel sorry for these people. I think they go around on each thread just posting nasty insults to people. i say " Get a Life people ". So Pet_te, ignore the nasties. there are millions of understanding and nice people on here.


Kelly K - November 2

It is definitely not true that obese women have to have c-sections. Just because you are overweight doesn't mean you can't have a v____al birth. There are complications a__sociated with every pregnancy. Not just for obese or overweight women. I started out at 5'9 and 240 lbs and have had NO problems what so ever. It all depends on your overall health and not your weight persae. So these skinny little twits who think down on obese women need to get a life and do a little research before they open their traps.


Pet_te Plus Gal - November 2

Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. -Melissa - I think you are very rude to say that you feel awful that I might be pregnant. I guess cause there is more of me than other that I have no reason to live and should reproduce. Just because there might be less of you doesn't make you any better than me.


*X* - November 2

Plus size girls, it's not like Pet_te Plus Gal is 200 pounds. She's 468! She is far more likely to have problems than those of you in the 200lb range. Don't tell her everything's going to be ok. Sure, it might, but there are also far more risks for her than for you. Pet_te Plus Gal, the best thing you can do is ask a doctor. Nobody on here will be able to give you the information you need.


SAD - November 2

Why even comment if it is not useful??? I am 199 and I don't have any problems nor am I expected to have problems. It is ignorance if you try to comment and you don't know what you're saying so don't bother to post.



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