Petite Pregnancy

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Andrea - August 17

My husband and I are currently trying to have a baby, so I thought it'd be good to start the discussions now. I am very short - not even quite 5'1, but am not a stick. At the moment I'm an 8p. I'm wondering how pregnancy affects smaller built (but not ultra thin) women. My mom is about my height and had an awful time carrying my sister and ended up delivering her 7 weeks early. I'm guessing that carrying in the later term is more difficult for short women; it sure was for my mom and her three sisters. Also, how hard is it to find maternity clothing when pet_te? I have a hard enough time finding clothes when I'm not pregnant!


Karen - August 17

Hi Andrea, I know what you mean!! I'm 5'1 and was about a size 6 before I got pregnant. I'm only 10 weeks now but already my pants aren't fitting me! I think since I'm pet_te also that I'm just going to keep buying bigger sizes and skip maternity clothes all together. I do want to check out what Old Navy has for maternity though. How long have you been trying? Best of luck to you!!


Lisa*9 - August 17

My sister is 4ft11inches she had no troulbe carrying the baby. She had two her second was 8 lbs 2 oz. I guess it depends on you tourso and how much room do you have between your rib cageand your hips space. I also babysat for a lady who was pet_te. As for pg clothes you can always buy bigger clothes for you to grow into. You Try to buy used pg clothestoo. Hope this helps.


Kris - August 17

I am 5'2 and currently 30 weeks pregnant. Before I was pregnant I was a size 6...I haven't had too many difficulties with my pregnany so far (nothing that everyone else doesn't go through anyways..) But I have a longer abdomen that most women for my body proportion so that could be why. I do find maternity clothes hard to come by for my size though!!! It seems like with pants, if they fit me in the waist, they are huge and baggy everywhere else!! So that has definitly been an issue with me.


Lindsay - August 17

I am 5'1 and weighed about 112 before i got pregnant, now at 23 weeks i dont find it too hard to carry him but my belly is smaller than most girls and everyone tells me it is pretty low. Maternity clothes shopping has been alright besides the pants which are always too bagy in the legs so i just wear very low rise jeans or pants that stretch a little...i wouldnt worry there are plenty of pet_te girls who have survived pregnancy :)


no worries - August 17

my mom is only 5ft and she had no problems carrying children. don't take this the wrong way, but if midgets can have babies, anyone can!


Andrea - August 18

I only just finished up my pill pack recently, so we're barely entering that phase of technically being able to try. I feel like a little school girl; I'm so excited! As some of you mentioned, I am guessing I will probably just do a lot of shopping in larger sizes instead of exclusively maternity. My largest concern really is how I'll carry in the later stages of pregnancy, because my abdomen/torso area is pretty short. It's in proportion to my body of course, but you really can't get much when you're not even 5'1! I guess we'll just have to wait and see, taking it day by day.



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