sandee - May 29

h__lo, I would like to know if anyone had a cat in the home when the first baby arrived and how did the cat react to a new member. I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have a cat in the house. I love my cat very much but he has never been around kids and i am concerned how would he take the new baby. cat is not declawed and my husband thought of declawing the cat but it is painful for a week after the procedure and I don't want to put the animal through unnecessay suffering. Is there anyone who had the cat in the house when they had the first baby. Talking to people at work many have told me that pets adjust pretty easyily and I have even been told that cats are scared when baby cries and they run away. I have not heard of a single bad experience but any out-put would be appreciated so that I can make a decision on declawing/ not declawing the cat.


Alycia - May 29

I have three cats, all with claws. They had never been around babies or children, and I just had my baby three weeks ago. One of them loved the baby from the very beginning - she would even sniff him and try to "help" when he cried! Her tail would be up, and she was so obviously concerned about him. Another one of the cats ran away from the crying at first, although he didn't react with anything but mild curiosity the rest of the time. Now he doesn't even mind the crying. The third cat seems a bit jealous of the baby, but she hasn't done anything bad so far. I do keep an eye on her, however, just in case. I have a hard time imagining a cat attacking a newborn, but I suppose you could clip kitty's claws, just in case. In my experience, cats are WAY more jealous and threatened by other cats than by anything else - dog, baby, whatever. I think one of the reasons my cats reacted so well is that we didn't freak out when they went near the baby - we just kept close and petted them as they sniffed him. I think if you yell at them when they get nearby, they'll probably get more upset because they'll a__sociate baby with punishment. We also made sure to give them plenty of attention, both when baby was near and when we were alone with them. I'm sure everything will be fine - don't worry.


lexa - May 29

My cat was wonderful with my son! She was curious to see him, but never too close. She did run away when he cried, and when he was sleeping, she would sit on a chair to try to see him (the chair was 2 plus feet away) that was as close as she would get. She was wonderful though, she left him alone. Here we are 8 1/2 years later, and she still doesn't like him, lol! I am 21 weeks along now and am not worried about her one bit. We do have another cat now, and he is more of a nebsh** than she ever was. But he is not one to get around people too much...I think he'll be fine too. It'll be okay. I think they are easier to deal with than dogs (I have one of those too, and that one is worrying me some)


Celia - May 30

Declawing our cat was the best choice we ever made. The cat loved our son but we did have to be careful cause he loved to try and sneek into the bed with my son and half the time he wanted to try and lay on my son, so kitty was blocked from rooms alot when he was a baby. Claws were fine until my son got to be a toddler and kitty liked to jump out and grab his ankles with surpise attacks. Even though kitty was just playing, he sometimes brought blood wth the claws. We had all 4 feet declawed and 2 days later kitty was back to normal, never showed pain. Sadly we had to get rid of kitty by the time my son was 4, I developed allergies to him during pregnancy that only got worse with each year until I had cronich bronchitis and couldn't be around kitty without my eyes swelling shut. They can be great pet's for the little one's though!


sandee - May 30

Hi Alycia and lexa, thanks for your response. It has taken off lots of burden from my mind. I believe my kitty cat will accept the baby really well.


lexa - June 1

You'll be fine sandee! Cats are wonderful. I shouldve mentioned also, that my cats are not declawed either. Spayed and neutered...absolutely. I do want to say that if your can't isn't fixed, you may want to definitely get that done. They may try to spray the baby's belongings to get their scent on it (marking their territory). But your cat will welcome the new addition. Hey, they probably think....oooh, one more to pet me:-) Congrats on the expansion of your family! Now you can worry about the heat of summer instead:-)


kmorris1 - June 2

I am also expecting my first and have 3 cats. There is no way I would even consider having them declawed (it's actually illegal in the UK anyway). It's an incredibly cruel procedure. It's the equivalent of having your fingers and toes amputated to the first knuckle - and can affect the cats balance and cause problems with their walking. It also stops them being able to climb if they needed to. If you are worried about the claws, you can get something called 'soft paws' which are little covers which slip onto the cats claws, but don't harm the cat at all. Hope that helps, Kate.


les22 - June 2

i have a cat and im sure he will be fine with my baby. you are more likely to have an agressive animal after you declaw it because you have taken away its natural defences. a cat would not attack a baby. you would only have possible problems when the child is older and trying to pick the cat up. people who declaw their cats should have the ends of every finger chopped off their hands. its illegal in this country because its cruel. if you dont want a pet that may scratch you or your furniture then get a golfish


CaliTrish - June 2

I have two kitties and expecting my first in October. I'm not worried about the cats scratching the baby, but I am worried how one of them in particular is going to behave. She's been my little "baby" for the last six years and is extremely clingy & possessive of me. She sleeps with me every night curled up in my armpit with her nose against my neck. She can even become quite insistent about sleeping between dh and I. We plan to give the kitties plenty of attention, but I am worried how "baby" will be when there a real baby in the house.



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