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mandy~ - April 20

hi im due for my first baby in july, and i have a maltese female, shes 1 1/2 and soooo loyal, shes a lap dog and she treated like a queen, she follows me everywere and i can see she clearly thinks the sun shines out of my *%$#.. lol iv noticed when i hold other babies she gets jelous and makes a fuss and really doesnt like it, either do i coz i am affraid she might do something bad to my new born baby when he is born! does anyone else have/had a dog like this and has acted like this? im affraid and have been told some dogs get really p___sed off when they feel like something has taken there place and can snap! i dont want this to happen what should i do to avoid this..


Jamie - April 20

your dog thinks she's your baby - that's fine, my dog thinks the same thing - but just like where you have to get one child ready for the arrival of baby #2, you have to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new baby. If you have a PetSmart in your area, go talk to them; or possibly talk to your vet about it.


Leahp - April 20

Hi Mandy! I've been doing my research, throw in the search engine "introducing newborn to dog" I found all kinds of great articles that help you get prepared!! I have a Newfoundland that just doesn't seem to take well to toddlers, but also that your dog may sense the baby as apart of the pack, she may get protective! But start now with minimizing the attention you give her so she's not shocked once the baby is here! Read up, you'll be surprised what you'll find!


Claire - April 20

Mandy - I know with cats its important you keep them shut out of the baby's room at night as they can try to sit on the baby and smother it. Other than this I think its fine.


rachel - April 20

mine is the same. My great dane is my baby and I am a little worried, but i have faith everything will work out fine. The cats thing is an untrue wives tale. I have three cats and I am not worried about them at all. They will probably try to lick the milk off of the face, but not smother it. Your baby has more of a chance of smothering itself in bed than being smothered by a cat.


PP - April 20

My dig is everything to me and I will never get rid of her. I have been concerned that she will feel left out because I am her entire life. She was a rescue and I was the first person to ever be nice to her. I set up the nursery and have let her investigate and sleep in there. I think I am going to just let her hang out with the baby once its here and let her know that she is still my princess. Also in my brothers case giving the dog left over milk, formula and food helped.


A - April 20

Both my sister and sister-in-law were concerned about this as well. We were all kind of concerned because of the way they acted when they held other babies, but once they brought the nb home, the dogs were just fine. Remember to bring home the hat or something that has the baby sell on prior to bringing the baby home and you should be fine.


Claire - April 20

The cats is NOT just an old wives tail - there were several cases of babies being killed in the paper by cats in England when I was born. Its rare but it happens - cats are attracted by the heat of the baby. My parents just shut the cat out at night.


Leahp - April 20

What do you ladies think about a newfie that has growled at toddlers and barks at my niece. I have never seen my newfie growl before but the little girls came up behind her. She is great with the neighborhood kids ages 9-12. My vet said it's normal for dogs to feel threatened by toddlers since they're the same heighth. I don't know what to think! I'm hoping she is protective because she is very protective of me!


KellyB - April 20

My husband and I just went to a cla__s about introducing your newborn to your pet. One thing they did say is never leave your child unattended with your pet, even if you have the most lovable animal. We have 2 dogs and a cat and are trying to prepare for the baby by using lotion so they get used to the smell, they even suggested running the swing or bouncer seat so they get used to the noise and having the nursery ready. Our instructor said to get a baby doll and act like it is a real child, so you can teach you dog appropriate behavior when you have the baby. They said it is really key to go back to the original commands (Sit, stay, off, etc) and that those are going to be key. When you enter your house for the first time with the baby, have your husband or someone else enter the house with the baby. Give your pet love and attention like nothing is different. Get a feel for when it is ok to introduce. Although the doll thing seems funny, we're going to do it. I don't want to take a chance and want my pets to be prepared (not jumping, being careful when the baby is around). Hope this helps. The person that did the seminar was from Petco/Petsmart, so you can always go there and ask for tips.


Rachel - April 20

I still have to disagree with the cat thing. If they are attracted to the heat of the baby, why dont they smother more adults? There is much more heat with adults. I watched a show disproving this "myth." It may have happened, but it is certainly not a usual concern. I wouldn't worry.


LESLIE - April 20

I think about the same thing..I have a yorkie..I love her soo much..and I am curious to know if she is going to be jelous when the baby arrives...I think its going to take some time,..but after that she is going to be being dangerous..I don't think I have to worry about that becasue my little yorkie is only 2 pounds..there would be no way she can harm the baby..we'll see how it turns out..GL!


Jamie - April 21

Leahp - I have 2 newfies - they both LOVE children - one is wild, and plays with the kids; the other is real mellow, and lets the kids use her as a mattress/pillow/blanket/chew toy.


Min - April 21

I'm afraid I have to agree with the cat thing! Every time I've stayed at people's houses who've had cats, I've often been woken up by the bloody things trying to sit on my face! Of course adults don't get smothered by them! Adults have the strength to push them off. A newborn may not have the strengh or coordination to do so! Besides which, I wouldn't want a cat licking the milk off of my baby's face! Gross!! Why bother sterilising bottles if you're going to let your cat do that?


Leahp - April 21

Hi Jamie, But did you ever have a problem with them getting strange around toddlers? She is more wild, but is calming down gradually, I just hope she is protective of the baby!


Rachel - April 21

Min- cats must not like you a bit. Never had a cat try to sit on my face. Anyway, as I said, I saw a show disproving this "myth"... My cats would never try it. Never heard of a cat who has. Oh well, paranoia is ok I guess. But, its not something I am worried about. I would hope nobody would let a cat lick their babies face, nor a dog. I certainly dont encourage it. Thats gross.


Min - April 21

Cats love me! It's not a myth. The people I shared with at university had a cat and It wasn't just my face it liked to sleep on, it would pick any face available. Same thing happens every time I stay with my in-laws too. Maybe it's their way of trying to make people wake up and feed them, I don't know, but that's what they do.



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