Pets And Baby

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cangirl - May 18

has anyone ever had any prob with thier pets and thier baby


Ddvinson3 - May 18

I've been wondering the same thing I have 2 very jealous animals and I'm worried about when my baby comes how they are going to act.


frankschick2001 - May 18

Me too. I have a 5 month old Pug and she wants constant attention. I am worried how she will be once the baby comes.


NicoleM - May 18

I am vet tech, and what we usually tell people is the most important thing is to give your pet plenty of attention when the baby come. The biggest mistake people usually make is shooing the pets away while they are with the new baby and only giving the pets attention when the baby is not around (like napping). Then the pets begin the a__sociate the baby with being ignored or in trouble. So make sure you introduce the pets to the baby and give your pets attention while you are with the baby. The other think we recommend is that someone (like dad) bring home a baby blanket that has been on the baby at the hospital before bringing baby home. Let the pets smell it and give them lots of petting so they won't be so surprised at the new baby smell when he/she gets home. If you have problems after all this, have a good trainer come to the house to work with pet.


cangirl - May 18

thanks NicoleM that is great advice i will try that


DWilson924 - May 18

I have 2 very special cats. Should I do the same thing with them about having my husband bring home a baby blanket from the hospital and paying attention to them while holding the baby? Also maybe someone can give me advice, I am a nervous wreck about one of my cats climbing in the baby's basinet/crib and hurting him. Any advice or thoughts on that?


Lynne - May 18

Hi there, I have seen protective covers that go over the baby's crib to keep cats from jumping in with the baby. They were not too expensive and looked to be very solid. Just look online, I am sure you can find one.


NicoleM - May 18

Hey DWilson, I love my cats too and a lot of people fear what will happen b/t them and a new baby. It's a great idea to do the blanket thing with the cats. Most cats I've known have done fine with the babies - they are often a little freaked out by the new noises/new smells - it can take a cat a few weeks to get used to something new, but none of our clients ever had one of their cats hurt a new baby. The only think I would be careful about with an infant is if the cat likes the baby and tries to sleep with him/her. Some cats love to sleep on your head, so I would probably either have the door to the baby's room closed or use the cover someone mentioned if your cat wants to be with the baby. Most of the time they are too nervous about a new baby to get too close. Anyway, this site has some really great info on introducing your cat to your baby. Remember to take out any dashes... this site always adds them in for some reason..


flower.momma - May 18

My dog was jealous of my daughter at first, especially when we first came home. She acted oput at first, by pooping and peeing on the floor on purpose, but now she adores her. Pua is a big, black lab and lets my daughter, Poppy, sit on her, roll all over her and she even sits by while my daughter uses her as a step-stool. Every once and a while, Pua accidentally knocks Poppy over, but afterwards she comes up with a guilty look in her eye and showers my girl with kisses. My cat, however, steers clear of my curious toddler. Cats and babies don't seem to work out as well as dogs and babies. In fact, I am sad to say that my cat now spends most her time outside, doing cat things, and I really don't care, even though she used to cuddle me and sleep with me every night. There is just not enough of me to go around, you know?


flower.momma - May 18

Sorry, out, not oput


sonyab - May 18

most pets should be fine, i have two dogs a greyhound young dog and an adult pug, both have very loving personalities, and i just have to make sure the larger dog learms not to jump on me or baby when we go out side for the first time as i'm sure he will want to see what this thing is where holding. but i'm not worried about my dogs, at all.


divinelibra - May 18

i have a Boxer. she LOVES kids. and if anyone knows ne thing about boxers, they SLOBBER. she grew up with me when i was still at my moms house, when baby comes, shes going back. i tried baby sitting my friends kid, i was wiping his face everyone 2 minutes. i can't handle that. but she'll be happier there with my parents though, they have a schnauzer and i go over everyday to let him outside and their best friends, lol. so i'll still get to see her and she'll have more room to run around. so in my case it works out great.


ma2aiden - May 18

i work at a vet as well - i have 3 dogs and 2 cats - all of the suggestions given so far are good, i would also remember that when you come home from the hospital you should walk in FIRST and WITHOUT the baby - let the father (or whomever is with you) carry the baby in first... that way you can greet your pets without the baby and they will feel like they are still important... i would slowly introduce my son to our pets by letting them come up to him while in his seat or in my arms and never left them alone with him until he was much older (or out of their reach)... you NEVER know with any dog what can happen, so always be cautious! good luck!



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