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Nicole - September 28

My husband and I have been married for two years I am 16w pregnant and We have a black lab mix (about alittle over a year) a yellow lab pure breed (almost 7 months) and 2 cats (Hubbys been changing the Litter box) ever since i found out that i was pregnant everyone has been telling me that once the baby is born I am not old enough (20) to be able to handle 2 dogs 2 cats and a baby I love my boys more then anything and I could not imagine getting rid of them.... Does any one have any experince with this issue if so please please help your advice or experince would be greatly appreciate it thnx....


Bonnie - September 28

Pfft, there is no reason for you to have to get rid of your pets. Just take a few extra precautions is all. Get some safety things, like safety gates, etc. Make sure the baby room is closed and pets can't get to it. And good for hubby to change the litter box for you :) There is some small risk from cat poop (but just as much risk from unwashed veggies). Don't worry or let anyone stress you out about that. People have healthy babies with pets in the house all the time. :)


Jessica - September 28

Nicole, I don't think that your age has anything to do with how you would handle the situation. However it is going to be a struggle but if you think you can do it that you can!!! At least you need to try and see what happens. Good luck


J - September 28

I don't see what age has to do with it? One thing for sure is to make sure that your dogs have some training. We had to get rid of our lab because he was too wild. After several months of training with a professional we realized the dog was never going to change. We found a good home for him. You will not have alot of time with you pets once your baby comes. I see no reason to worry about it. We still have a small dog and he will be fine because he is low maintenance.


Dustie - September 28

I think you should wait until the baby is here and if YOU feel like you can't handle it, do something about it then. No one knows what you can handle until you try.


J - September 28

I wouldn't get rid of your pets unless they were mean or something but in your case labs are the nicest dogs ever and kittys are nice too. It might be a little harder to take care of everything all at once, but for pets all you do is pour food and water in some bowls, set it on the ground and open the back door so the dogs can go out. Your husband is also there to help you. It won't be that bad. I have a dog and a cat and I never worried about having to give them away b/c it might be a little extra work when the baby comes. My husband will help me change the litter box and let the dog out.


Lisa - September 28

I have two Minature Schnuazers and they are very young as well, one is only 1 year old and 1 is 2. They are both still puppies and not totally trained. The youngest one esp. I'm not getting rid of them. I'm taking the time now to try to train them. I also got some books on training dogs and how to baby proof your dogs for when a child arrives. I grew up with dogs my whole life, there is no need to get rid of them unless they are aggressive. Start training them now, that should help. Don't wait until the baby comes and expect them to suddenly know what to do, because that never happens! Try obedience cla__ses as well. We had our oldest in them and she is far better than the youngest. We are no where near those places where we are at right now, so I am trying to do it myself. It's A LOT OF WORK...but worth it.


julie - September 28

Definately don't get rid of your dogs. They deserve to stay with their family. Plus, it's good to show your children what responsible pet ownership is about....A long commitment, not getting rid of animals cuz things might be hard.


L. Delarso - September 28

I am bringing baby # 3 in. I have 5 yes 5 GSD's (German Shepherds) They are well trained, t_tles and are certified therapy Dogs. I raise them as well and always go over this subject when a young childless couple come to buy a puppy. No 1 - Make sure you dogs are well socialized. No2 make sure YOU and your HUSBAND are BOSS. No3 NEVER shun your dog away from the baby ( a non aggressive dog that is, there is NO reason to keep an aggressive dog) I tell people even IF it grosses you out.... let the dog lick the baby and bond. You can always get a baby wipe. The reason for this is the dog will feel that the baby is a part of its pack. the baby will be checked out and approved of. Other wise the dog will always be trying to REALLY get a good deep sniff and lick in, which is annoying. Once the dog has bonded you will not have a problem with the dog. yes sometimes like a younger (human) sibling ,I will be nursing and throwing a toy for the dog too. But he is just a part of the family too! So, Please don't get rid of them. Too many pets get misplaced because of a new baby . They are a responsibility and a life long commitment as well. Give them a chance , they will be fine. However being young Labs , I am sure they have a TON of energy. That is where your hubby comes in. make sure they get LOTS of Ball time in the yard to take off that bit of extra energy, just walk don't always do it. GOOD LUCK! iF YOU NEED ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS OR HELP LET ME KNOW. my email is [email protected]


karine - September 29

There right...i mean...poor water and food in the dish everyday...and thats about it, spend time with your pets when the baby naps, and when they go to bed at night. Thats what i do with my two spoiled kittys. they get all the attention at night. and they love it, my daughter is 3 and always with them she loved her cats and i cant imagine getting ride of them. i was 19 when i had my daughter, and i already had my 2 kittens. now iam 22 and pregnant with #3. just have to make sure you can have a couple minutes to pay attention to them, and to make them feel loved..thats all...and we got our cats a huge HUGE 2 story cat home..the other day, cause we know we havnt been paying attention to them as much and we are going to have another baby, they just love it!!! they spend most of the time on it, and at night when me and hubby watch tv..the cuddle and purrrr...and they sleep with us too.


Heidi - September 29

Like everyone else said, make sure you make extra time just to spend with them and don't shun them from the baby either. I plan to let my dog do all the sniffing and licking he wants. He's five and still full of energy so my goal will be to wear him out while the baby is sleeping. Once he's got his play time in he usually just lays around on our bed till we come to bed. Ha ha! He's VERY spoiled so I'm sure I'm going to have issues when feeding the baby and so on. He doesn't like it when the cat gets up on my lap, he walks over and nudges her off. Ha ha!


X-TRA TIME - September 29

Extra time is hard to come by. Especially if this is your first baby. When my son was born and he napped I would shower, clean or nap myself. I'm sure you can do it but don't let anyone fool you. You aren't going to have much time or energy for your pets.


Lisa - September 29

This is my first baby and I'm just going to have to find a way to make it work. My mother never got rid of our animals with both her children; there is no reason why I have to. I know it's going to be extremely difficult but I love my baby girls (my furry ones) and I could not bare to part with them, they depend on me and love me.


Kris - September 29 is SO annoying to hear people say "your too young to handle all that! bla bla bla" I'm 19 and expecting my 1st less than 4 weeks. Does age really make you able to handle more? What, cause someone is 30 and you are 20 that means they can handle the baby plus all the pets better than you?? I don't think so. It really depends on the person. Some people can tolerate stress better than others, some people can mult_task better, and so on... Personally I think if anything, maybe you being younger means you have more energy? haha. I think you should keep your pets, however, moniter them carefully when they are near that baby! Also, I would recommend getting an air purifier so there isn't as much pet dander in the air for your new little one. And keep the bedroom door shut with no pets around when the baby is sleeping, I've heard some stories about cats laying on babies faces while they sleep for the warmth..I don't know if that is true, but better safe than sorry. =)Good luck and congrats.


lisa - October 9

I have 3 children (ages 6, 3 and 8-months). I had a dog before my first baby and she ( the dog) was like my baby. I have to say after having my own baby the dog took the back seat. But it was still workable and I made it work. However she definately got less attention. After the 2nd baby, she got much less attention and became unfortunately almost a nusance. After the third baby it just got too much for me, and she was really on the back burner, so we gave her to a loving family with 2 children ages 6 and 8. It is definately difficult to juggle the needs of both. (pet and baby) And you may find to your surprise that your emotions toward your animals change. It may become a challange. You will only know after you go through it yourself whether this challange is too much. Good luck and congrats. ps if you are mature enough to handle 2 dogs and 2 cats, you are mature enough to handle it with a baby too, it just depends if you are willing and able. Wait and see, then make your decision.


Rachel.R - October 9

Im 21, and I have 2 dogs, both german shepherds, so big dogs, and im 26 weeks pregnant, im not worried about looking after them.. my dogs are like family, and they LOVE babies.. next door neighbour had a baby, and when she cried my dogs would whine and come to the back door to tell me the baby was crying, also, when my mum had my sister we had a german shepherd cross labradour, and he used to go into my sisters room when she was being put to bed, and he would lye on her floor next to the cot, and would not come out til she was asleep, he was so protective of her, and he never once hurt her. so i will keep my dogs, i love animals :)



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