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andrea - October 23

Just wondering what everyone has heard about pets and pregnancy. We are going to start trying in January/February. We currently have 2 cats that are very loving (very demanding) any concerns on that, their need for attention, they sleep on top of my pillow, and are always right beside you. But we wanted to get a puppy, maybe around April or May, any concerns about puppy and baby. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!


Heidi - October 23

I'd wait on the puppy. Puppies need major exercise and attention and if you have a newborn you might find the two to be too much and your puppy won't get the attention it needs. I just had my baby last week and my 6 year old golden retriever has felt the crunch in my time for him and he's not even a puppy anymore but still demands a lot of attention as he was the baby for 6 years and now he's been de-throned. I never thought I'd say this but he's not the baby anymore. It's amazing how your priorities do a total 360 in the hospital. I still make time for my dog as the baby sleeps almost 24/7 but with a puppy you might find that their energy is too much to deal with along with a newborn.


jb - October 23

Puppies are fun and cute, I love mine. But, I would recommend you get one now before you start trying, that way it will be potty trained by the time the baby comes. I say this b/c like babies puppies are VERY hard at first. They have to pee like every 20 minutes, so there is alot of accidents in the house at first. Plus crate training (if you will do that) and training them what they can and cant chew on. I cant imagine going through what we did with the the puppy and having a newborn. WE had to get up every 2 hours with the puppy for hte first 4 weeks b/c she always had to go to the bathroom. Plus there are a good amount of vet bills at first that would be very expensive to add to the price of the new baby. Shots, heartworm and flea medicine, and neuter/spay. Expect to spend at least $300 in vet bills. That said, we love our puppy. She is our first baby. They are worth it but hard work the first few months. I say get one now before you start trying for a baby.


~N~ - October 23

My advice would be that if you are thinking about getting a puppy to get it now my husband and I went through the same thing we wanted kids and a dog but he wanted to wait to get the dog till after we had kids and I wanted to get a puppy before so that I could get the puppy trained so that I didnt have to worry about trying to train a puppy and take care of a baby at the same time very very happy we got the puppy a year ago i am now 5 months pregnant and we have a black lab mix who is now a little over a year and a 7 month old pure bred yellow lab and I am a little concerned about the yellow lab very high strung and very ma__sive at 5 1/2 months he weighed 72 lbs very sweet but has no clue how large he is but i am very glad we did it the way that we did because i can tell right now that I would not be able to handle a puppy and a baby at the same time I am a BIG time animal lover but there is only so much a person can do excpecially with being a first time parent.....


Dustie - October 25

Just don't clean the litter box anymore. There is a very slight risk of contracting Toxoplasmosis from your cat's poop. You actually have to touch the poop & then put your fingers in your mouth, and then you can only get it IF they have it. They get it from eating raw meat or killing other animals.


Dawn - October 25

I'd be more worried about the cats and the dog together..We also had two cats and got a puppy a little less than a year ago..and the kitty who was mine before we got married was fine with the dog..HIS now crazy bc of the dog...She hates him and pees everywhere!! IT's disgusting..we're trying to find her a new home now = ( but some cats are okay with the dog, some aren't...If you have a nice sized fenced yard then you'll be able to throw b___s and toys and he'll get plenty of exercise!



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