Pets And Pregnancy

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mom to be - April 7

I just found out I'm pregnant. I know to have my hubby empty the litter box. But what about iguana's? I have one and I use hand sanitizer after touching her and cleaning her cage. Is it still OK to handle and clean after the iguana now that I know I'm pregnant?


Julia - April 7

I really don't know but to be safe I would wear rubber gloves to clean the cage and the hand sanitizer after toughing her is a good idea.


Grumpy Bear - April 7

You must consult a doctor reptiles carry Salmonilla.


clara - April 7

Grumpy bear is absolutely correct. Do wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.


D - April 7

I have had the same concerns about my hedgehog. I have been limiting my contact with her, and when I do have to touch her, I scrub up really good afterwards. If you are concerned, it wouldn't hurt to ask the doctor!


Grumpy Bear - April 7

I was a vet a__sitant for a couple years hedge hogs don't carry anything natural producing Example lizards and salomonilla. Although if you hog is litter trained stay away let someone else do the cleaning up!!


Heavenly - April 7

Hi mom to be ;o) I have a 4 1/2 foot iguana myself. You can see pix of her on my site at I have asked my Dr about the cleaning her poopie thing and they didn't seem to think it would be a problem. My Lizard is paper trained so when she poopies I just fold up the paper and toss it out. As long as you are cleaning your hands after touching your lizard and making sure that you clean any cuts that it may give you then I say youy should be just fine. I am in my 8th month and have had no problems out of caring for mine.


Beth S - April 7

wow heavenly you have quite the little extended family as i do. very nice


Heavenly - April 7

Thank you Beth S and you are extended family is big and for some d__n reason keeps growing into a small petting zoo. I still have some pix to post but being the preggo dumb a__s I am I forgot my pa__sword and cannot edit my wedsite! I am slowly losing it.



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