Pets Getting Me Ready For Motherhood

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denise - October 21

Does anyone have their pets trying to get them ready for motherhood? I have two dachshunds a feamle who is three and is perfect and a male who is two and he's the one getting me up every night. When he was a puppy he used to go out at night but then he out grew that and was sleeping through the night. Ever since i got pregnant (this is my 1st) he is up every night to go out. None of his other habits have changed. Everyone laughs and says he's just getting me ready for motherhood but I work full time and I don't appreciate his efforts. There will be plenty of time for not sleeping when the baby arrives. Anyone else have any funny pet/pregnancy stories? I'd love to hear them.


denise - October 21

Renee your story is funny too. I'm glad i'm not alone. I even had him in to the vets for his yearly exam and she asked if he was drinking any more than usual and he isn't. She said he probably does sense the changes in you. I have three and 1/2 more months to go before baby. Then i'll be up with both i guess.


Cathy - October 21

Oh I think I can beat that. My 3 year old Chocolate Lab has been house trained since he was 8 weeks old. Well, he has started to wake me up at night to take him potty. Not only night I didn't get up and he peed on the bed! (end of my bed) and he peed on the floor! He is usually good up to 12 hours. I was stunned. Doctor said there are no problems with him. Maybe he just knows I am PG.


denise - October 21

thanks cathy for your story too. How funny. I thought I was the only one with pet problems. It's not even like my little guy has a full bladder. He goes out, tinkles a little bit, then he's back in for the rest of the night. Just enough to annoy me!!! I love him dearly though!!!


Lisa - October 21

I have two female Minature Schnauzers, both sisters and one is 2 and the one is 1. The little one is still really hyper but I swear she knows I am pregnant and she is constantly sniffing and giving my belly a kiss; and when she jumps up to 'give hugs' she makes sure she does not step on my belly. She put her little paws either to one side or she straddles me. They are so cute and so bad at the same time.


:) - October 21

When I was pregnant with my first my boyfriend bought me a miniture chihuahua (he actually got it for me to practice taking care of something besides myself!) lol I have to admit it did help! She (the dog) was only 6 weeks old and so tiny! She cried the first 2 weeks I had her and she cried anytime I was not holding her! She slept in my bed everynight. And I was getting up all night to take her out. I remember the day before I gave birth to my daughter, taking the dog outside to go potty and I was in the worst pain of my life and I was so mad at the dog for making me get up while I felt so bad! After we got back from the hospital the dog was very upset because I had left her for days with my parents and came back with a baby! The dog was so jealous of my daughter that we had to give the dog to my boyfriends mother a few weeks after having the baby because we would find the dog alsleep in my daughters carrier all the time but the first time I found the dog in it with my daughter also in it I freaked out and it was time for the dog to go! But I have to say the dog did help me prepare for motherhood, she was my spoiled little baby until my real baby got here!


Anne - November 15

My mom was gonna give birth to me so she told me this: We had a cat named Beatrice and she was "Phycic" my mom asked if she was gonna have a girl or a boy. 2x for a gitl and 1x for a boy.she asked her and she lifted up her tail,1x and 2x and almost three. a few weeks later, she had me, Anne Marie!


Jenn - November 15

I have two chihuahuas and I find that they have become MUCH more sucky towards me and like to lay on my belly and follow me around even when my husband is home (they used to hang out with him). My male seems to be getting himself in more situations where he needs my help (I will not tell you about his poo-stuck-to-his-fur incident and the bath I had to give him at midnight!) Babies need lots of attention but you were your dogs mommy first and they will still need you after the baby is born. Enjoy!



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