Phantom Pregnancies

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~cc~ - March 25

has anyone ever had a phantom pregnancy,ant info or stories would be great, thanks(im a little worried and paranoid!)


~cc~ - March 25

sorry that was meant to say any,not ant-lol!


Jamie - March 25

Yes - I had false pregnancies throughout high school - I was never worried, though, because I was a virgin, with no contact whatsoever; but I had all the symptoms, including skipped periods, morning sickness, et cetera - even tested + on an HPT when I was 16. I stopped having the false pregnancies when I was around 19 or 20...which is why I didn't realize I was ACTUALLY pregnant this time around.


~cc~ - March 25

how long did they go on for? did you even feel movements in your stomach and start to get a pregnant looking stomach? did you ever see a doc ?


~cc~ - March 25

i guess this is something not many people experience


~cc~ - March 25

thanks teena,that was quite interesting-i done some research on it,another possibility as to what could be wrong with me!


bump - March 27



Jamie - March 28

I got the poochy belly, but no movements - and by how long did they last...well, each "pregnancy" went about 2 or 3 months - and I experienced them from when I was 14 or 15 til I was 20 or so.


~cc~ - March 28

thanks for replying jamie.


Jamie - March 28

No problem...odd, it never occurred to me to wonder whether it was normal or not; I don't even know if anyone else in my family experienced them. (My dog had a false pregnancy that coincided with one of mine, but I don't think that counts)


Maleficent - March 28

all the time when we were trying to get pregnant the secod time. i would miss my period, throw up, crave foods, b___st tenderness, cramping, the whole shebang. we'd get our hopes up and then the test would be negative. when we finally DID get pregnant i had NO syptoms. i couldn't believe it.


~cc~ - March 28

i hope this isnt what im having :(


sunnyshine - March 30

with one ovary can i have a baby


~cc~ - March 30

yes sunnyshine you can,it may be a bit more difficult to concieve though-if you want more responces to your question you should post it under one ovary or a different heading to phantom pregnancie-they are 2 totally different issues!


angie - April 3

i was sterilised 2 yrs ago and my gp has told me im havin a phantom pregnancy! any tips on how to cure the cravings ect!!


Nicola Salter - April 3

Hello, I had a phantom pregnancy last year! It wasn't a nice experience like anything is when it doesn't go right in pregnancy! I went to the docs for a dating scan and they said the foetus hadn't developed and that i would miscarry at some point! I went to my brother-in-laws wedding in London and started to miscarry on the morning of the wedding (fab timing!!) but it was just bleeding to begin with so i stayed at the wedding all day and night and the following day i was travelling back home anyway! Once i'd got home i started getting pains (contractions) so I went to the docs and they admitted me to hospital! I had a normal miscarriage and expelled the sac on my own! It wasn't a nice experience but the good news is it's not even a year on and i'm 20 weeks pregnant with no problems at all and a very easy pregnancy so far, so even though it's not nice, it's not the end of the world! Hope this helps you! If you have any more questions just give me a shout. My e-mail is [email protected] Nikki x x x


~cc~ - April 3

you misscarried on a phantom pregnancy?? i didnt know that was possible!



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