Phantom Pregnancy Or Real

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mrs robo - February 10

I am very confused at the moment i had a 21 week us and they didn't pick up anything but my husband and I thought we saw a little figure so we went to the doctors and they said your not pregant but why am still having all the preg symptoms, belly growing like a pregant 21 weeks and fetal movements my husband felt it too and i saw movement any help or advice. Phantom preg or real


livdea - February 10

at 21 weeks they should definitely be able to tell whether you're pregnant or not! My dr. is making me wait until the 20th week so he can see the heart valves, brain, all the organs. I'm a__suming that if you only saw "a little figure" then it wasn't a baby you are seeing. At my 9 week u/s (had one cause of bleeding) you could see my babes little fingers even and it was definitely a baby! And it was a small little figure at that point. I'm expecting to see my big 'ol baby when I go in, in two weeks! I don't know what to say about the fetal movement and growing belly? Very well could be a phantom pregnancy, I'd be guessing so...especially if the dr isn't seeing anything. Have you taken any hpt? What do they show? Nonetheless...good luck!


Jenn - February 10

yeah-at 20 weeks a fetus is very distinguishable-mine at 21 and half weeks weighed in at almost 2 pounds so I would definitely think that they wouls see something. By this time they are measuring the brain, bones, loking at the heart, etc. Sounds like the doc would know what he was talking about at this point in pregnancy-wish the best to you..


MeM - February 10

Just a question? How did you have a 21 week ultrasound if you're not sure if you're pregnant? I'm 31 weeks now and you would def. be able to see the baby at 21 weeks. Good luck! :)


Lisastar9 - February 10

Maybe it is your hormons playing tricks on you ..They should be able to hear a heartbeat at 21 weeks ..The movement could beyour intestines moving about. I know this may seem strange but it can happen,even my dr said sometimes movement could feel like a baby moving. I would say you are probably not pg. This senerio has happened to me. Do you still get a period even if it is only 2-3 days long.


anon - February 10

To mrs robo go get another ultrasound you could very well be pregnant. A lady on ultrasound negative said that they could not find her baby and she was 6 months pregnant. She had to go to another doctor to find out she was pregnant. Do no listen to these people go get another ultrasound.


anon - February 10

Go to ultrasound negative and read xpinkx part she was 21 weeks when she found out and her sister and her saw a baby and the u/s tech said she didn't. There is no such thing as a phantom pregnancy especially this far along.


Tye - February 10

I'm confused. How can you have a 21 week ultasound if you don't even know you are pregnant. And if they don't see anything how could it be possible to think you are pregnant? Maybe I just don't understand the question.


krc - February 10

at 21 weeks the baby should be around 10 inches already. No way could you see " a little figure " . If your unsure about what you saw search for ultrasound pictures.... or put in your search engine " week by week " and you'll see ultrasound pictures of other womens to give you an idea of what your supposed to see. I personally never heard of someone's belly still growing at 21 weeks if they weren't pregnant. Did you see a doctor in the beginning? Did you have any other ultrasounds? missed periods? And thinking you saw a little figure. Your story just doesn't sound right. How old are you?


mrs robo - February 11

Well I have had postive urine test and i get got told by a doctor that I was not pregant. I went and saw a second doctor and they can not work out why the us did pick anything up they think the us was done wrong


Been There - February 12

Before even the u/s, what about hearing the heartbeat? You should have had that listened for by now. What happened with that?


Tye - February 12

Oh false positives happen all the time- you must know that . It happened to me once. You must not believe now that you could still be pregnant just based on that do you? I think it sounds like wishful; thinking- if you havn't had any solid evidence by now that you are pregnant I would have to believe that this is an issue of your mind and would maybe recommend counciling.


anon - March 28

mrs robo are they going to do another u/s.



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