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*X* - November 11

I just thought I'd spice things up and start a discussion on something other than the mundane aspects of pregnancy and/or TTC. So here's a question for the day. Do you feel that it's necessary to bear children in order to be a whole woman? Why or why not? Discuss.


belle - November 11

No, some people are simply not cut out to be parents, and that is fine.


Tiffany - November 11

No i agree with belle. I just have always wanted to be a mother ever since i was little. thats my dream job.


*X* - November 11

For what it's worth, I agree with you both. I know a few people who have absolutely no desire to have kids, and it's amazing the disbelief, disdain and grief they can get from others for this decision. I have no idea what it is that drives me to want children, but some people just don't have it. Anyway, thanks for your comments. I'd be interested to hear from others as well, so feel free to contribute!


okay - November 11

and the point in this is what?


*X* - November 11

Well, the discussion would have been more interesting if there was someone who disagreed that was willing to speak. I know they exist, because at least two friends of mine have been given their wrath on a number of occasions. It's not so interesting when the only people contributing are those who agree, because then there's no motivation for discussing why. Well, it was 50/50 as to whether or not the thread could get interesting or bomb. I guess it's taken the latter path...


M.A. - November 11

Children do not make us women. God has. Some women can't bare children. But that doesn't mean they aren't women. If it isn't placed in your heart to have children, then follow what is placed in your heart to do. No matter what you are to do, or who you are to be, do so with all of the wisdom, patience, strength, and love that you have. And everyday keep trying to get more!


HH - November 12

I feel like having children will lead me to be even more myself- a better, deeper me, even, but I have friends who don't want children and shouldn't have them, The desire is SO necessary. I have to admit I don't understand feeling nothing in the presence of babies or children. I guess I do think it is strange, a little unnatural, but maybe that's because my mom instincts are so strong- like all the mommies on here.


Dez - November 12

I dont know my exact answer, but I do know how I felt before having a baby, and how I do feel much different now that I have. What is a whole woman? Yea I am sure those who havent had children are woman and handle there bussiness, but they will never feel nor will they have the slightest understanding of what its exactly like to bear a child (something that a womans body was made for). So the question depends on what someone will actually define as a whole woman.


If I might - November 12

offer a suggestion as to why this topic failed: MOST OF THE WOMEN WHO COME HERE ARE MOTHERS, WILL SOON BE MOTHERS, OR WOULD LIKE TO BE SOON. So any attempt to spark conversation by offending those who do not want to parent is lost, because those types tend not to frequent pregnancy boards. I only say offending because of the last topic you started, which was deleted, had a similar slant.


TO: *X* - November 12

I am the one who got your last post removed this is not a debate website if you wnat to debate with someone why dont you go to a debate website stop trying to cause problems these woman like "if i might" stated are here because they either are mothers, are going to be mothers, or are trying to become mothers and most of them are happy about it... SO instead of causing problems why dont you find another website one that you fit at cause you dont fit here


If I might - November 12

Personally, I am not opposed to debate. I AM opposed to silly debate which is what this topic is. It silly for the reasons I mentioned before. Do try again.


TO: *X* - November 12

Also the whole issue of me or as you worded it "people like me" shoving the important issues under the rug has nothing to do with it I started coming to this website to get questions answered that i had and to try and help answer other womans questions not to have others attacked for no reason and that is what you are doing im not shoving the important issues under the rug and focusing on the non important topics it has nothing to do with that it has to with the fact that this is a pregnancy forum and there is nothing that is going to come of me arguing with someone about the education system if your so worried about it why dont you get off your a__s and become a teacher and try to change it instead of causing problems for no reason?


*X* - November 12

You know, if you had perhaps tried to go back and reread my last thread with a remotely objective outlook, you might have realized that *never once* did I bash anybody. Never once did I down on anyone. Never once did I say anything even remotely negative about anyone. The problem here is that you made HUGE a__sumptions about my intentions and have interpreted those a__sumptions as if they had anything real to do with what I said. Well, they didn't. You are on a forum. You dont' know me. Your reactions are based on some false image of me that you've made up in your mind and have nothing to do with reality. Step back, stop attacking me, and just for one second - please - try to see just how much your are reading into what I've said. I am the one being attacked here, not the one doing the attacking.


TO: *X* - November 12

That is fine with me you go right ahead and play the poor pitty me, game have fun. You were attacking people in your last post and like I said before if you continue I will jsut continue to report them. I have not been attacking you I have just flat out said that this is not a debate forum this is a pregnancy forum if you want a debate find a website that is for that. I have not been maiking false a__sumptions about you I have made accurate judgements about you based on the things that I have read from what you have wrote. Why are you on this website if you arent pregnant in the first place? I have not attacked you once i have not called you names i have not insulted your intelligence i have done nothing on those lines. The only thing that i have done is plat out told you that i will not sit by and watch you try to purposely cause problems and do nothing about it.


TO: *X* - November 12

If that is the case then why were you complaining to Lisa on one post about and I quote people changing names and hiding behind a name and everytime posting using another name. So basicly in other words it is okay for you to do but not others? ok yes that makes sense I only get upset on the threads that you are trying to cause problems. If you are not causing problems there is no need for me to say anything


TO: *X* - November 12

I say once again i have not bashed you not once please expain to me how i have bashed you cause i honestly would like to know!!!!



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