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Aundrea - October 5

Please don't attack me for telling you all this; I'm really nervous and just want some support and answers. Okay, I come from a very modest and religious family. We, of course, people women should be healthy and all of that jazz, but physicals just haven't been a part of that mess. I've never had any sort of physical or pap smear, because it just generally wasn't done. However, I took an HPT and it was positive, so I know I need to make the doctor appointments and whatnot, and have read and seen you have to get a physical at that first appointment. I'm just really freaked because no one has seen my body in that way, except for my husband, and it is making me physically ill just thinking about it. I feel really afraid about all of this, I don't know how it works or what they do and the thought of exposing myself is just sickening....


Aundrea - October 5

*believe women, not "people women"


bump - October 5



Hey - October 5

Nobody enjoys getting pap smears,if they did they would be just plain weird! But it is important to have one pregnant or not! A gynocologist isn't thinking weird or gross thoughts when he is doing a pap smear, a gyno looks at women parts like a family doctor would look at an ear or nose! Just relax and find a doctor you are comfortable with,you could call the doctors office and tell them you would like to make an appointment just to meet with your doctor and talk the first visit, I'm sure they will not mind.


Beth S - October 5

i agree with Hey on this one. it is definately not pleasant but its necessary for soo many reasons. good luck to you. just think, this is just practice when you have the baby and have alot more people in the room with you


Steph - October 5

Try not and be so worried. Your best bet is to make an appointment with a OBGYN that maybe a friend of your has seen and go in and talk with the doc about your feelings and issues. Also, make sure that your husband goes with you to ease your mind. I'm pretty sure that whatever doc you choose will do his/her best to put your mind at ease....and remember, NO ONE likes getting a pap but they don't take also may want to do some internet research on what goes on at the appointments and that might help you think of some questions that you would like answered. Anways, good luck to you and congrats on your pregnancy!


Lisa - October 5

Pap smears are not that bad; they are not the most comfortable thing in the world but they are very good to have. What religion are you if you don't mind me asking? It will feel really weird and the idea of exposing your nether regions to a complete stranger is scary; but try to think about the benefits of it. A pap smear is the best way to detect early on of any abnormalities and to check your over all health and reproductive system.


Jessie V - October 5

Maybe a women OBGYN would make the process a little bit easier. I know I was more comfortable with a women Dr.


Aundrea - October 5

I am definitely going to have a female doctor; I can't even handle the stress of thinking about a male doctor. I am a Christian, but from a very conservative church; we are pretty old-fashioned Pentecostals. Though the church has grown past some of the more judgmental things (and is really fabulous) I still grew up very modest. It's not like women CAN'T have physicals; obviously my mom has with having two children, but unlike more mainstream society where girls are told to start at 18, I just decided not to out of fear. And that thought is shared with many, many of the girls I grew up with. I don't think it directly was caused BY the religion, but the overall modesty of the religion has caused severe bashfulness. This may sound really stupid, but when the delivery time comes, is it possible to request only females be allowed in the room? (Besides my husband, that is) And also, how long is the exam/what is typically done? Thanks for listening.


TruckinFool - October 5

Ok, I'm not too sure how it feels, being of the male species, but from the best of my knowledge, they take a long device to open up the cervix alittle bit and stick a q-tip there for a sample of fluid. From what my wife tells me, it's like someone is pinching you from deep within. then they send it off to the lab for testing. I know it's routine and generally no big deal. Also know that you can request female doctors until delivery, Around where i live at least, when you go into active labor, it's whoever's playing catch when the time arrives. As far as being uncomfy when they first do it, talk to them. They are doc's, and that doesn't mean someone who doesn't listen or treats you like your sc_m, just means they were nuts enough to go through a HECK of a lot of schooling. Nothing to be afraid of. At least, from my perspective, then again, I'm not the one going through it, I just watch and pray for the best.


TruckinFool - October 5

Well, long spreading device....and....I watch from the wife's head....doc don't let me anywhere else........................


Ashleigh - October 6

Ugh. I am in the same dilema, Aundrea. I always get attacked for it, too. But the truth is that I was just always shy and never found a good excuse to go. :( Now I'm freaked!


Lisa - October 6

During a pap test; the doctor will also check your ovaries and check that they are not inflamed or anything and she will also give you a b___st exam. If you want, you can ask her to show you how it is done and you can perform them monthly on yourself. No one knows your body better then you they say, so the more you know about your body and how it works; whats normal and what's not, the better for you. It will be okay, I was 18 when I had my first one and I get them every year. They get easier. Find a doctor that you are comfortable with and stay with them; good doctors are like good hairdressers. Hard to find, and when you got one stick there! :) You'll be fine.


HH - October 6

Have you considered midwife and/or a homebirth? Maybe you would feel more comfortable in your own home?


Jamie - October 6

I would suggest you find a female OB...also, spend time with her before the exam, getting comfortable - the more relaxed you are, the easier the exam will be. It's very difficult to relax while someone's poking and prodding you there, but try...just think about something else.


Aundrea - October 6

HH, my mother recommended I go with a mid-wife. She apparently did this with both my sister and myself and said it was "the best experience of [her] life." I am going to start talking with her more about this over the weekend, because from what I've read, I really think they are wonderful. How do all of you ladies forget where you are when your legs are spread apart for someone you've never met?!


h - October 7

Aundrea, I have never been able to accomplish thinking of something else during my exams! With this pregnancy I am seeing both a dr and mid-wife. The mid-wife did my internal 1st exam, and although I have had one child before and know what the exam consists of, she still talked me through each step and everything she was about to do. It made me much more comfy.



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