worried - May 8

how can I ignore wierd cravings. this is getting very serious.


Misty - May 8

Just what kind of weird cravings are you talking about? If it is something that is harmfull for you to eat like dirt (which some women crave) then you have to talk to your doctor ASAP. Your body craves things that it thinks it needs. To crave weird things my doctor told me was a sign that something is going wrong chemically in you and you need to take medication to correct it. It is something that happens sometimes so don't be embarresed or ashamed of it, just talk to your doctor to get the help you need. But now, if it is just cravings like I have for Hershey's Hugs all the time....then you are o.k. :-) Except for when it comes to getting love handles. :-) GL hon......talk to your doctor.


Jbear - May 9

Are you in the US? and eligible for WIC? If you are, you can go to a WIC clinic and tell them you're craving dirt, or clay (it used to be laundry starch that pregnant women craved when they had pica, but we don't have that kind of starch anymore). The WIC clinic can tell you what to eat to prevent the craving, give you vitamins, vouchers for healthy food, etc. I haven't had this problem, but when I went to WIC they asked if I had any cravings for dirt or clay or any other nonfood items, so I know they can help.


Worried - May 9

please don't find me crazy........it's mothball. At first I use to wanted to smell it, but while I was washing clothes, I had a urge to eat it. I put it in my mouth and chewed it and when I realized what I was doing I spit it out and throughly cleaned out my mouth. I looked it up on the internet and it's called pica. I looked up the chemical that was in the mouthball para(something) it has cancer causing agents ( well it isn't really proven) and it can cause a certain type of anemia in a infant. I'm in my last trimester (37 weeks) but I'm frightened. I do have wic and I've tried to apply for it but they needed to do blood test and it was too much run around so I just haven't bothered.... what should I do thanx.


candy - May 9

u shouldnt eat a mothball....them reguardless of the cancer thing they r not good for u....u need to talk to ur dr,,


Jbear - May 9

The only blood test that WIC does is for anemia, at least here in TX. They stick your finger and squeeze a couple of drops of blood into a gla__s straw, it takes a minute at most. If you're not going to b___stfeed, then WIC will provide some baby formula, which is good because it's expensive and babies use a lot. I got about $80 worth of formula a month, which made it worth the time to apply, and the cla__ses once every 3 months. (I still had to spend $40 a month on formula). About the mothball, I think you should get all the mothb___s out of your place...just throw them out for now, so if you get a craving for one, you'd actually have to go out and buy some, which would make you stop and think about what you're doing. If you have mothb___s because you have a lot of wool clothes, you can use cedar hangars or cedar chips in your closet, or make little net bags of bayleaves and put them in the closet to prevent moths. It would probably be better not to have any mothb___s around once the baby is born, anyhow.


Misty - May 9

Worried...just ask your doctor. I haven't gone to the WIC office yet. But I know at my doctor's office they asked me if I was craving any non-food items and I told them no....but if I had said yes they told me it was a chemical imbalance and they would have given me a prescription to take care of it. Filling a prescription doesn't take long at all. And, I am sure if when you call your doctors office you tell them what is going on they will see you ASAP...probably today, you could probably have something for it by mid-afternoon if you call today. GL.



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