Piercing Baby S Ears

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Tracy - May 6

I plan to pierce my baby girl's ears as an infant. What age do people do that?


April - May 6

Why do you want to do that? Just wondering. Personally the only way I will peirce my daughters ears is if she says "mommy I want my ears peirced" I think that should be her decision.. not mine...


JB - May 6

They use to do it in the hospital but I think you have to wait until they are a few months old now. I would call the place where you will get it done and ask.


Julie - May 6

I think you have to do it at 6 months. I don't think I will because I don't feel like hearing my entire family tell me how cruel I am. I guess it's a mother's choice.


to Tracy - May 6

I was also wondering the same question. My mom pierced my ears at six months so I might do the same with my baby ( or maybe four months) I'm going to ask my doc when she thinks it's okay.


Stephanie - May 6

I waited until my daughter turned about 21/2, she asked for them. I was going to do it earlier, but I cried when she had to get necessary shots, and it became apparent to me that I would not be able to get them done when she was so teeny.


M.C - May 6

i had mine done at 3 months she was not big enough to realize they were there so she didn't try to pull at them or anything and she only whimpered for a minute and was fine i gave her a little tylenol before we went.


M.C - May 6

oh,she's 6 now and loves her earrings


**** - May 6

I think it looks trashy when a baby has earings, but each to their own....


~kat~ - May 6

id wait til my baby was about a year old.....i think they look cute!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

I got my daughters ears pierced when she was around 15 months old. She only cried when they went to put the dots on her ears with the marker, and not at all when she got the actual piercings. Her ears healed nicely. I am however feeling regretful in my decision to do this. What right did I have to make this decision? I really don't feel like it was my right. It doesn't matter now, it's been nearly 2 years, but I think everyone should think long and hard, and don't do it on a whim like I did. Also, doctors suggest waiting until they are 3, when their little bodies are better able to handle infection, should that be an issue.


Jenn... - May 6

My sister had a baby girl 3 months ago. Her pediatrician pierced her ears at her 2 month check-up. They would not do it prior to then.


to **** - May 7

I agree! So trashy....


Jaimee - May 7

I got my daughters ears done when she was about 5 months old and got them done again at 4


crystal - May 7

Their is nothing trashy about piercing your baby ears. I didn't look trashy and no one else did in my family did either. I got mine done at 3 month and my sister at 2 months.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 7

to the two of you that said this is trashy, what gives you the right to tell someone what is trashy. some religions peirce their babies ears due to their beliefs, and i dont think that is any of your business what tracy does with her own childs ears...you comments would have been better if you would have left them unsaid...people these days, they really have some nerve! tracy, it was my understanding that babies had to be at least 3 months old, but i am not 100% sure good luck to you!


annoyed - May 7

Nobody has the right to say what looks trashy from what doesn't. She asked a question about what age should an infant get their ears pierced not what you think looks good or trashy.geez



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