Piercing Baby S Ears

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annoyed - May 7

Nobody has the right to say what looks trashy from what doesn't. She asked a question about what age should an infant get their ears pierced not what you think looks good or trashy.geez


April - May 7

to !!!!!!!!... what gives them to right to say it's trashy is FREE SPEACH... they have the rights to their own opinions... if you don't agree... then skip over their posts... and goodness... calm down.. they weren't telling her she was an unfit and horrible mother for wanting to pierce her baby's ears... they just said the thought it looked trashy... personally I don't like pierced ears on babies... I think it should be the kid's choice... I will not pierce my daughters ears unless she comes to me and tells me she wants them pierced...


J - May 7

I guess I don't know what to think I don't think it is trashy but sort of selfish. I think it looks really cute when I see little babies with pierced ears but on the other hand I think maybe you should wait until your daughter is old enough to ask for them. I will never forget my mother taking me to get my ears pierced I think it should be a special moment that is remembered.


KEEKEE - May 7

Hello!!! I had my ears pierce at a couple months old. So did my sister. It is your choice. If I had a daughter, I would get her ears pierced at a couple months too. There is nothing wrong or trashy about pierced ears. I hope she get her first diamonds. You know Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Have you seen the little jewelry for babies? How cute!!! Have fun!!!


Erin - May 7

I think it's the parents choice what they want to do. My mom waited until I was 5 and asked, but if I have a little girl, I would get them done when she was small. It's not like it's a tattoo...she can always take them out and let them grow over!! :-)


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 7

april...you kind of contradicted yourself by getting on my case about what i said to the girls who said it was trashy...if they dont agree with someone peircing their child's ears, they could have just as easily skipped over the post themselves! have a great day!


April - May 7

to !!!!... no but they didn't throw a fit about it... they just simply stated their opinion and moved on... and thanks :) you have a great day too!


April - May 7

oh... and i didn't contradict myself... i never said you didn't have a right to your opinion either... i just thought you needed to calm down... so i gave you my opinion... isn't freedom of speech great?


!!!!!!!!!! - May 7

April...freedom of speech is great, and like you said, i do have a right to my own opinion, so it is none of your business how heated i get about a situation...so you can just back off me some, the real issue here is that tracy has the right to peirce her childs ears if she wants to! it doesnt matter if anyone else thinks it is trashy or not, but those comments were not neca__sary, and not needed in this post as well as your comments to me. and dont worry, i always have a good day, it is good that i have learned how to take people like you with a grain of salt. and in the forum about the baby being gay, you said that you dont judge people, well you have just proven that you are a liar too, because you seem to be judging me right now.


April - May 7

I didn't judge you... I just said you got heated... and you did... and you still are... haha.. i mean i can understand if they were saying she was a bad mother and all, but they didn't... actually they didn't even tell her she shouldn't pierce her baby's ears... they just said it looked trashy... also if you took me with a grain of salt you would've just let it go... and you wouldn't not have called me a liar.... but either way... we both spoke our peace and can drop it now... just please stop saying that I am contradicting myself and judging you when i am not... Thanks bunches.


April - May 7

sorry... have to say too that maybe "heated" is too strong of a word for it... i don't mean like you're acting really angry... just offended is all... i guess it's the "!!!!!" marks that make me think heated... haha


April - May 7

oh... I also would like to appologize for making you feel like I judged you... I did not mean to offend you... and I really wish these posts had edit b___tons so I didn't have to make 3 posts in a row... anyway I'm done now...


crystal - May 7

The point is she didn't ask anyone what they thought about piercing a baby's ear she asked."what age do people do that?"


Jbear - May 8

I had my daughter's ears done at 3 months. I did it then because I thought when she was older I might have trouble getting her to let me put solution on them and turn them like you're supposed to. As far as looking trashy, for a lot of us, having our daughters' ears pierced is a cultural thing. We're not judging you, don't judge us.


June - May 8

I think it's really disguisting when I see a baby with pierced ears, please rething Tracy. It should be her decision, not yours. And won't you feel terrible if they get really infected or caught on something and pulled?


Keyon's mommy - May 8

Who gives a d__n what ya'll think she didn't ask for your personal thoughts on it, she asked at what age do they get it pierced. You should talk to your baby's doc....good luck



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