Pill Real Periods

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Sabrina - February 3

I have been on the pill a little over a Year, me and my fiancé would like to start ttc, when I come of the pill how long does it normally take to get a real period, before I started the pill my periods where always on time maybe one or two days late, but its scares me hearing people saying it took my years to get my periods back to normal after being on the pill. I starting to wish I was never took the pill, is there any way I can get my periods back to normally so we can start ttc..................


Lynne - February 3

I Sabrina. I wasn't on the pill quite as long as you but you will have a period when you stop the pills. Then you should have a real period in about another four weeks. What helped me was to use the Mycycle.com website and it has been right on for me. My hubby and I are not currently ttc as of now but will in the next few months. The website is easy and what you do is put in the first day of your period. The calendar will automatically calculate when you ovulate and your next period. If the next period is off a few days (as it will be your own and no pills involved.) then you will click on the first day of that period and the calendar will click your predicted ovulation and period for that month. I have found it to be very helpful. Hopefully your pills have regulated your periods already and you will be normal until you get prego. Good luck to you.


Sabrina - February 3

Thanks Lynne, i hope its thats easy good luck to you to when you start TTC


Alycia - February 3

I was on the pill for over ten years, and my period was only four days late after my first month off the pill. I got pregnant a couple weeks after my first "real" period. Good luck!


Karen S - February 4

When I got off the pill It took me a few months almost a year to get prego and I have no clue if my period went back to normal. It always came around the same time but sometimes it would last longer than others.


kellie - February 6

I just stopped taking my pills in December. I took my last pill and had my period later that week like normal. I then ovulated about 2 weeks after that and my first "real" period came on day 30 of my cycle. This month I ovulated just a week after the end of my period and my period started 10 days early (day 20 of my cycle). I am not sure what is going on, but my periods were exactly 28 days apart every month before I started taking the pill (8 years ago).



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