Pitcher Problem

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Katharine - June 22

When we go out for pizza, my husband wants to have beer, which is more cheaply bought in a pitcher. However, restaurants here will not allow a pitcher to be bought with one mug, it has to be two. So, I always have to have a mug of beer in front of me, to keep up appearances. Problem is, appearances of a big ol' 8.5 mo. prego with a beer in front of her isn't so great! I'm always trying to hide i behind my water glass LOL! Anyone else get stuck in this boat?


Jackie - June 22

Nope, never been in that boat but I would hate to know what people think. LOL at least you aren't drinking it. A couple years ago when I wasn't pregnant I was out a bar and saw this girl who had to be about 6 months pregnant there drinking a beer and smoking it was 2 in the morning. I couldn't believe that someone could be so selfish. I went to a bar one night for my friends birthday, only stayed for about an hour just wanted to go be around friends and even then i felt so out of place like everyone was staring at me.


TK - June 22

OMG no!!


He he - June 22

No, that's a funny question.


Jbear - June 23

I work in a liquor store, and I've seen obviously pregnant women come in to buy alcohol. I never a__sume it's for them...So, after he drinks his pitcher of beer, do y'all fight over the bathroom when you get home? That's what would happen if my hubby drank a whole pitcher... I actually managed to embara__s my husband when I was pregnant the last time...I was 7.5 months, and wearing a little flowered maternity top, and I made him go to the Adult Video Megaplex with me, where the cashier was a guy he'd gone to high school with. He nearly died of embara__sment, especially when his old school buddy asked when our baby was due.


Katharine - June 23

Luckily, we have two bathrooms, but he has to use the one downstairs, since I am the one who is carrying our child. He does really enjoy me being pregnant, though, as it is my turn to be the DD-for 9 months + nursing!



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