Pizza And A Beer

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Katharine - June 15

Sitting here eating some frozen pizza (trying to save money) and drinking an O'Douls (reason obvious) with my feet up (to reduce this swelling!), I wondered what I would be doing right now if I wasn't pregnant. Probably drinking a real beer and actually playing with my 4-year-old. What about you guys?


Katherine - June 15

Man I just read "Pizza and a beer" and my mouth watered! I could use a big, cold, coors-K


Misty - June 15

lol, :-) I don't even drink beer but man I would love to have one right now. :-) Something about the fact that I can't have it....


? - June 15

Anyone know if you can drink beer when b___st feeding?


Missy - June 15

I could go for a piece of Pizza myself right about now....maybe that's where the weight is coming from LOL!!! And to "?" - I wouldn't risk it - the alcohol could be pa__sed to your baby through your b___st milk. I would check with your doctor, but personally, it's not worth the potential risk to me.


Misty - June 15

Check with your doctor. I am pretty sure that I remember hearing something about that alcohol pa__ses through your system after something like 2 hours (?) so you can b___stfeed after drinking in moderation if you wait that long. I think that is what I heard. But ask your doc, I could be off on how long you have to wait.


I'm - June 15

Drinking a Hefeweizen right now with a lemon.....hubby and I are ttc right now and I am ovualting right we will be having some fun BD'ing tonight!!! I will be sure to drink one for you, and anyone else who needs one!!!!! Baby dust my way please!!! :o)


Katharine - June 16

To have a drink while nursing, I would wait until after the last feeding before bed, then have a drink. If I had more than one, I would pump and dump. I just can't wait to get to that point, when it is at least a possibility! Although, I'll have to start cutting out the pizza then!


Christina - June 16

My doctor told me to just pump enough milk for a day or so and then I could drink. I may or may not, would like to get some other opinions first. I had frozen pizza earlier! :)


Jodie - June 16

The other night i felt like getting really drunk and smoking lots of cigarettes, which was weird coz i havent smoked in a couple of years


Stephanie - June 16

I love frozen pizza!!! Djornos (sp) is one of my favorites....Tontinos are good too and cheap. Man if I werent prego right now, well I would still be at work, but I would be going out 2morrow nite with my friends and having the best time....I LOVE BEER and would REALLY LOVE TO HAVE A BIG MILLER LIGHT!!!! and some real pizza!!! lol....All in due time ladies!!! Got to get our babies here nice and fat and healthy!!! Good Luck


Katharine - June 17

On the smoking, it is so weird...I usually am totally grossed out by it, but over the last few months when I pa__s someone smoking, it smells so good! I don't actually want to smoke a cigarette myself, just inhale the second hand smoke! Ugh! So, I guess I'll add to my wish list to have pizza and beer in a smoky bar...


KrisD - June 17

The weather is getting nice here, and it is a friday... I would love some heartburn-free mexican food with a large frozen margarita! I have also been craving a cigarette from time to time (I quite cold tukey while ttc).


Me too KrisD - June 17

I quite cold turkey as soon as I found out. Im 22 weeks today and lately I've been getting cravings. Especially when I see people smoking on TV. Hopefully it will go away cus I don't want to go back to smoking ever again K


Katharine - June 17

Oooo...KrisD, that does sound good. There is no subst_tute for a margarita! I tried last pregnancy and was served sprite mixed with the sweet/sour stuff. YUCK!!!


Jbear - June 17

I told my husband I'm going to stop at Taco Cabana and get a margarita on the way home from the hospital after I have the baby. (He thinks I'm joking, I'm not). I live in San Antonio and we finished Fiesta not long ago, I've had the margarita craving ever since. I also work in a liquor store and everything everyone buys sounds so good to me. It's strange because I rarely drink, I think it's because I can't have any that it sounds so good. I did have a non-alcoholic Coors the other day, just can't eat chili without a beer.


Monica - June 18

I work in a restaurant and I used to be amazed at how many women I see bring in thier babies and have a beer WHILE they're b___stfeeding. I used the think that they were the most inconsiderate and horrible mothers. But I've been told from many people that if you DO crave a drink., that's the best time to have one (while your b___st feeding). The alcohol takes a while to go through your system, so if you do have a drink, just use a b___stpump on the next couple 'loads' of milk, and then it's fine. I still don't think I'll be consuming any alcohol until my baby is completely weaned, but just letting you know what I've heard. :)



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