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hyt - April 18

When the doctors get your placenta out does it hurt you and how long can it normally take???


April - April 18

My sister said that was the most awful feeling.. haha.. not to scare you. After labor the nurse just pushes and pushes on your stomach until it all comes out... I'm not looking forward to that.


Jbear - April 19

I had a c-section, so mine didn't come out the normal way and it didn't hurt at all. I would think pa__sing the placenta was a lot easier than actually having the baby, and all the things I've read seem to say it happens right after the baby is born. Also, when they were trying to induce my labor (over the course of two days), eight women gave birth in the room next to mine, and I could hear everything. They were all screaming, but once the baby was out (you could tell by the crying), none of them screamed or even gasped that I could hear, so it couldn't have been that painful.


Heavenly - April 20

Good Lord! I am not looking forward to that at all! There is actually a website that shows it all. I will find out what it is and letcha know. I still think that my worst fear about the whole thing is pooping on the Dr.


leslie - April 20

My cousin said that it also stinks!!! and that a little bit of it is left behind and it comes out together with blood for a few days...I am not sure..something like that...but she said it smelled very very ugly!!


tara - April 20

ewwww...why isn't any of this stuff written in books? There is a tun of common knowledge repeated in every book but non of this stuff. Although I saw on a labor Tv show that a lot of women don't remember the plecenta coming out part because you have your baby in your arms...but I guess some women do remember it. And now that I know this I'm sure it'll be hard to forget. ewwww!


Stephanie - April 20

When the placenta comes out it is a pretty weird feeling. I don't remember it hurting and I do know that there are a number of people who save their placentas due to their high volume of nutrients and use them as the base of a tree or flower bed that they plan on planting in the spring. FYI.


Wibble - April 20

Ewwww too! Does it really stink? I thought havig the baby would be the worst bit, but this sounds awful.


Maleficent - April 21

i never really noticed. i was so busy fussing over the new baby. my doctor was telling me the placenta was coming and i told him to shut up, i was busy talking to my baby. when you have that new little person in your arms nothing else matters.


Karen - April 21

I think this was an over share and TMI for now this is my first child and boy do I dread this now. HAHA.


jb - April 21

Yes, they do push on your stomach but I didn't think it was that bad. However, a day later I was pa__sing blood clots which didn't hurt. There is a lot of stuff they don't put in about after the baby is born and healing.


What??? - April 21

You use your placenta in your flower garden? I can see it now...when someone says "Oh your flowers are beautiful, how did you get them to grow like that?" what do you say??? "Oh, I just buried my PLACENTA down there and the flowers just bloomed????" I'm kind of curious to see if that actually works! :-)



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