Placenta Birth No Baby

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Tiffany - May 3

This may be a dumb question. But I am so curious and have searched all over the internet for an answer to no avail! I had a friend back in high school that said her sister was pregnant. She looked pregnant! During her pregnancy she never saw a doctor due to lack of funds and insurance. Well, she went into labor and when I asked about the baby, my friend said there was no baby! It was the placenta that was growing and making her look pregnant, but there was no baby! Is this possible? Could she possibly have just lost the baby and didn't want to let people know?? Thanks for your time!


jen - May 3

i am no medical expert so only a guess but it could be a phantom pregnancy


Misty - May 3

Well, now I am curious. I go to the doctor on Fri. If I remember I will ask her and see what she says. I have quite a few questions though. It looks like I might just need to start writing them down. :-)


tara - May 3

I have an appointment on friday too and will ask. I know of miscarriages where the baby stops growing and pa__ses through but the placenta is still growing for about a month or so. But this happens in early pregnancy not fuill term.


Karen - May 3

Now you got me !!! I know a girl who faked a couple of pregnancies. She even wore maternity clothes. Could that could have been the case ? Usually when someone miscarries they do a D&C to take out everything if it is not a complete one. So I dont know. I ask my doc on the next visist


Carol - May 3

Yes, this is possible. It happened to my best friend. They found out aroun 9 or 10 weeks that there was no baby. They waited awhile as she should have miscarried, but didn't and so she had a d and c done. It was exactly like she was PG. Positive test and all the symptoms.


Karen - May 3

I just spoke to a friend who is a nurse and she said that is inpossible, cause the plancenta is there to provide nutriments for the baby. It grows as the baby grows. I spoke to my doctor then and he said that this can happen but it is rare and is called a MOLAR PREGNANCY. It is picked up early in pregnancy and a D&C is done. She did not go into labor but did feel contrations. So sorry to here that about your friends sister. All the best


tara - May 3

like I said it happens in early pregnancy but I have never heard of it happen in ful term.


Tiffany - May 4

Thanks everyone that answered and will ask their doctors! I appreciate your responses. Her stomach did grow like she was pregnant and I think she did have contractions early. So it wasn't full term. She was not seeing a doctor, so she didn't find out until she started having the contractions.



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